Somali War: Stunning Photo Exhibition At Kampala Museum


visit this geneva; font-size: small;”>Focused around the work of the African Union Mission to Somalia, order or AMISOM, the exhibition is a vivid portrayal of the impact the conflict has had on the city of Mogadishu and its people.

Capturing in intimate detail the lives of soldiers on the frontline, it will give a uniquely human side to this long-running battle for the freedom of the Somali people.

The exhibition, named “Brothers in Arms,” was organised by the African Union and United Nations Information Support Team.

AMISOM will display forty photographs of the situation in Mogadishu over the last twelve months and will run from 19 to April 28 2012.

The exhibition comes at a time when UPDF-led AMISOM troops have kicked Al Shabaab terrorists out of Somali Capital, Mogadishu.

At least 400 battle-tested AMISOM soldiers have since been deployed outside Mogadishu to hunt down the fleeing terrorists.

Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye told in an interview the Al Shabaab would soon get annihilated.

He attributed AMISOM’s success in the war-torn country to the troops’ good relations with the Somalis.

The photographs were taken by Burundian and Ugandan soldiers, together with Kate Holt, a Zimbabwean-born photojournalist.

Kate trained the soldiers, who are combat photographers for AMISOM, in photography.

The photographs will illustrate the current situation in Mogadishu, the work of the African Union mission and life for the civilians on the ground.

The exhibition will be complemented with a film of daily life in Mogadishu.

A statement from Uganda Media Centre reads in part:

“It is hoped that the exhibition will help to explain the reality of the Somali conflict to a range of visitors to the Museum, from school children to politicians. This is the second exhibition of Brother in Arms, following a successful presentation in Nairobi and it will travel to Burundi after the ten day period in Kampala.”


James Baker Tumusiime – Sergeant Major – Ugandan People’s Defence Force

Tumusiime has been in the Ugandan Peoples Defence Force for 12 years and a photographer within the Public Information Office for 6 years.

He describes his passion for photography: “A picture lets me deliver a message when words do not say”

Jean-Claude Mbayisenga – Sergeant – Burundian Army

Mbayisenga has served the Burundi National Defence Force since 2005. He took up the role of Public Information Office photographer in 2011.

Emmanuel Mucunguzi – 1st Sergeant – Ugandan People’s Defence Force

Emmanuel has served the Ugandan Peoples Defence Force since 2001 and a military photographer since 2010. On photography, Emmanuel says: “ Pictures allow the world to see the difficult work we do.”

Stephen Mugabi – Sergeant Major- UPDF

Mugabi has served UPDF for over 20 years. He has been a military photographer for 6 years. “I enjoy looking for something real, something true.”

Kate Holt

Born in Zimbabwe, Kate now lives in Kenya. With a post graduate degree in photojournalism, Kate has travelled extensively photographing refugees and the effects of war and poverty on civilians in conflicts in the DRC, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iraq and Afghanistan.

More recently she spent nearly two years in Afghanistan, photographing both US and UK military operations for the Daily Mail and Financial Times.


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