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SPLA Humiliates Khartoum; Parades Prisoners Of War


website like this http://cultnews.com/wp-includes/feed-rss2.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Shortly after the POWs were paraded to the press, pilule Col. Phillip Aguer, prostate the SPLA spokesman said the prisoners of war were captured on April 10 when fighting intensified in Panthau and areas between Tecwin.

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Col. Aguer said the SPLA was built to liberate human suffering as such it believes in the international humanitarian laws governing war prisoners.

“This is an example of how responsible we are in protecting prisoners of war. Over the 21 years of civil war, we handed over 300 prisoners of war to Kharoum, but Khartoum has not preserved a single live of South Sudanese prisoners of war because their principle is the more you kill ‘infidels’, the more your chances are to paradise,” Col. Aguer said.

1st Lt. Ahmed a medical doctor (second right) after touching down at Juba International Airport.

Among the POWs is a First Lieutenant Dr. Khalid Hassan Ahmed who is a medical doctor captured at the SAF medical bay treating the wounded soldiers, a South Sudanese Moron Malek Ayol who said he was member of a militia group led by Thiel Malwal Makue and the rest are Sudanese of African origin.

Col. Aguer said the POWs will be handed over to the International Red Cross to be reunited with their families. He called on Khartoum to do the same to their prisoners of war. He said the SPLA is fighting a just war.

“The fact that we did not start the fight, SAF is fighting deep inside South Sudan territory justifies that we are fighting a just war,” he said.

Col. Aguer estimated that Panthou which Sudan claims to be in its territory is over seventy kilometres inside the Republic of South Sudan according the 1956 border mappings. He said the SPLA was still in control of Panthou. He said SAF started indiscriminately bombing villages around Panthou.

Col. Aguer dismissed Khartoum reports that they are in Panthou. He said Khartoum is using Antinov and MG fighting to carry out aerial bombardment.

He noted that SAF was trying to open another front in Upper Nile where they attached Kuek and a police station.

He recalled that at the time of the attack the SPLA was at a distance and later came in and repulsed the attackers.

He reported that so far SAF has lost 240 troops since the fighting erupted on the 1st of April but he could not give numbers of the wounded as he said most are taken away by their fellow fighters. He said the SPLA has lost nineteen of its forces while thirty two have been wounded.

Meanwhile, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin the minister for Information and Broadcasting who is also the government spokesman said the government condemns the continuous and indiscriminate aerial bombardments on civilians by Khartoum.

He said the Sudanese army were now targeting the oil infrastructure in Panthou.

“Since this morning SAF has been bombing the oil tanks in Panthou. This must be condemned”, he said. He said the SPLA has been in Panthou and they made sure the infrastructure was protected until a peaceful resolution on the status of Panthou is reached.

He urged the Security Council and the African Union to call on Sudan to stop the act of destroying the infrastructure in the contested area.


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