BREAKING: Basajjabalaba's Brother Loses MP Job Over Voter Bribery


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ask geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Court further directed that fresh elections be held in the municipality.

The order was given in response to a petition filed by defeated candidate Odo Tayebwa who complained of massive voter bribery during the 2011 campaigns.

Tayebwa argued that one week before the election, Nasser and his brother Hassan Basajjabalaba gave out Shs5.7m to voters.

Tayebwa further stated that the two brothers organized a sports tournament in Ishaka where money was dished out to voters. A cow was also slaughtered for the participants.

Tayebwa argued that bribing voters was illegal and gave Nasser undue advantage in the election.

The development is a test of Nasser’s popularity in the region.


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