Kagame: Rwanda Cannot Live On Leftovers


decease geneva; font-size: small;”>“We have to change our mindset and believe that we can. We should not accept to live on leftovers when we have the ability to fend for ourselves, website like this ” said Kagame during the inauguration of the new Cassava Milling Factory in Ruhango district.

page geneva; font-size: small;”>Kagame had earlier visited Kinazi Referral Hospital, all facilities fully financed by the government of Rwanda.

The better part of Rwanda’s national budget is bankrolled by foreign donors.

A few months ago, Kagame said Rwanda can only preserve her dignity through initiating projects can wipe out poverty from the country.

“We are still far behind in terms of development, we should speed up so that we no longer waste more time. The cassava factory will add value to cassava produced in this District; you should form cooperatives and utilize it better,” advised Kagame.

He said the new infrastructures were put in place to improve the value of Rwandans’ lives and “you should make sure they serve you.”

He further stated: “Never allow anyone to destroy your peace, your infrastructure and your culture. But looking at you, it’s clear that we are heading towards a prosperous future, devoid of problems.”

Kagame added: “It’s clear that we are far away from where we were 10 years ago, although we still have a long way to go. We all have to play our roles in the development of our country; government gives direction and people follow.”

The Cassava factory will buy and process 140 tons per day of local harvest, providing needed income and quality flour to citizens.

Location of the Cassava Milling Factory was influenced by the high concentration of cassava crop in surrounding districts.

The factory was built on 23 hectares of land acquired from local communities through expropriation.

Equipment at the $10m Cassava Milling Factory has been installed and tested, according to the President’s office.

Ruhango District has five trading centers: Ruhango, Buhanda, Gitwe, Byimana and Kinazi. The district boats of improved road network with a transit road now connecting Kigali.

Ruhango District has rice and geranium processing plants located in Mwendo Sector

The District also has a total of 63,714 cattle, of which 2985 were acquired through the “One Cow per Poor Family” program.

There was drama when the Mayor was put on the spot over a man who disappeared after robbing residents.

President Kagame later directed all issues raised by people followed up and solved by concerned people.


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