Anti-M7 Book Co-author Released, 6 FDC Youth Arrested


10:47am: Doreen Nyanjura is released on bail after her lawyer convinces court that she had to prepare for her exams. Upon presenting sureties, price Rwakafuzi argues bail is a constitutional right.

MPs Nandala Mafabi and Alice Alaso stand surety for Nyanjura on a non-cast bail of Shs5m.

There are wild jubilations among students at the court premises.

10:39am: Reports coming in indicate that several opposition supporters have been arrested and detained at Kampala Central Police Station after they stormed the area protesting alleged ‘police brutality.’

They were reportedly led by a one Nasser Mubonde. He was arrested alongside Rajab Kaya, viagra Moses Owori, Ismael Kasule, Martin Byomuhangi and Julius Nuwagaba.

The activists say this part of a large civil campaign aimed at drumming up support for the release of all political prisoners held in several police stations across the country.

10:00am: Security has been tightened at LDC Court after hundreds of Makerere students stormed the area in a show of solidarity ahead of their colleague Doreen Nyanjura’s trial.

Nyanjura, the co-author of an anti-Museveni book “Is It The Fundamental Change,” is accused of inciting violence during a demonstration held last year in Kampala.

However, the charges were slapped on her last week when Makerere students were marching to the Constitutional Square to launch the controversial book which juxtaposes Museveni’s speeches in 1986 and realities on the ground such as corruption and stifling of civil liberties.

Hundreds of anti-riot personnel have been deployed to deal with students in case the situation boils.

Tempers are steadily rising between students and cops at the Court.

Nyanjura is represented by city lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi.

In a related development, Nyanjura’s co-author Ibra Bagaya has threatened to start a hunger strike if Nyanjura is not released today.


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