BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Army Moves To Arrest Brig. Tumukunde


look geneva; font-size: small;”>Tumukunde was in 2005 charged with making public statements against military rules and detained at the officers’ mess in Kololo, Kampala.

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Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye tells thatTumukunde abused the terms of his bail by accusing the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces President Yoweri Museveni of denying him freedom.

“It’s true Tumukunde could return to Acacia (Officers’ Mess). Whatever he said in Rukungiri was against our rules. He is still a serving general. Does he remember why he was arraigned in court? Was the Rukungiri function a military meeting?” cautions Kulayigye.

“When one puts on this military uniform, there are some freedoms one must sacrifice for the good of the country. Tumukunde is not looked as an enemy but a serving general who has gone against the rules and regulations of the institution he serves,” affirms Kulayigye.

Tumukunde startled the nation last month when he blasted Museveni and his government for betraying ideals that inspired the 1981 – 86 bush war that ushered NRA in power.

“I am a victim of not getting free competition. If I was given free competition, I am sure I would have made an impact,” Tumukunde told a gathering during the installation of Mathew Rukikaire as honorary canon of St. Emmanuel Cathedral in Kinyansano, Rukungiri District.

“Those who reach people who deny us free competition please communicate this because we fought for freedom such that freedom may rain on us. The lack of free competition disadvantaged people like Rukikaire,” Tumukunde said in a veiled attack on Museveni.

Military sources say Tumukunde was indirectly telling Museveni that the former’s presidential ambitions have been frustrated by the army leadership’s refusal to allow his retirement.

As if this was not provocative enough, Tumukunde hailed Museveni’s arch rival Col. Kizza Besigye as a “good doctor” who saved hundreds of lives during the bush war struggle.

“When we were in the bush, I was shot. We never had many doctors but the first doctor to treat me was Dr Kizza Besigye. He was a very good doctor I don’t know why he chose to go into murky politics,” said Tumukunde said.

Asked when the bail would be cancelled, Kulayigye said that was the role of the military Court.

“Tumukunde is not above the law. When Gen. Mc Crystal made reckless remarks on Obama’s military policy, he was sacked. He was removed from Afghanistan. All army officers take oath of secrecy. Our issues are raised during military meetings. These are standards of discipline of our institution,” notes Kulayigye.

He further states: “If every soldier chooses to speak their mind, we would clash. Remember we do not carry sticks but agents of death and damage (guns).”

Kulayigye also quoted Field Marshall Monte Gomery (Second World War British military officer): “An army without discipline is dead. Therefore we cannot allow any service officer to be undisciplined and go scot-free.”


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