CELEB CHAT: Zari Explains Sensational Owori Kiss


link http://conforms.com/wp-admin/includes/options.php geneva; font-size: small;”>The social networks caught fire with entertainment lovers expressing their shock at the girl-girl kiss. Considering Uganda is a hugely conservative country, concerned social critics said the pair could be bi-sexual. To many, Zari and Owori went raunchy during the boat cruise.

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A few hours later Chimp Corps rang Zari for a one-on-one at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

Flanked by her public relations manager and sister, South Africa based Ugandan celebrity Zari (Z) explained to our Corps (C) the kiss that sent tongues wagging.


C: Why did you kiss Owori?

Z: Oh guys, stop living in the 17th century. I even kiss my mum. That was just a peck. We were just playing a game. There is nothing special about that kiss. It can’t make news in Hollywood. Both of us are married women, business ladies and we were in company of our hubbies

C: As a role model for married women and young ladies, what kind of signal were you sending?

Z: I must agree that we let down those whom we inspire. It was not a good signal. But I think we should not be crucified since we did not mean any harm. The kiss was not passionate.

C: Do you know that kiss sparked speculation that you could be bi-sexual? The other day Owori was snapped kissing journalist Andrew Mwenda.

Z: No, both of us are straight. Though it was not fashionable, this matter should not be blown out of proportion.

C: What’s the magic behind your Boss Lady Reality TV show? Where do you derive the inspiration?

Z: Zari-The Boss Lady is a fourteen week reality television show that covers my life as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, role model and artiste. I want to inspire women to balance their roles as mothers and business ladies. People think everything comes to me on a silver platter yet I work for it. I am in the bed room, kitchen and boardroom. I handle all these tasks. I also aim to show that I am just like everyone else; I work hard to earn a living, provide for my children and take ca of my family.

C: But Ugandans say this reality show is a Kim Kardashian thing. You must have seen a Twitter hash tag discrediting your reality show.

Z: Yeah, I have seen it but it promotes my show. Those behind it are bound to lose. They are making the show very popular. I am Zari – I am not Kardashian or Zimora Lee. I am a mother and wife yet Kardashian is not. My show is very different.

C: How much does it take one to put that show in place?

Z: I will not reveal the cost. That’s private.

C: You had an introduction ceremony last December. When should we expect the wedding?

Z: We were supposed to wed in April but most of our family friends are out of the country and we wanted them to attend. We pushed the function to December (She smiles).

C: Tabloids recently reported that you were caught up in a brawl at Club Silk. What really happened?

Z: Some girls found me in the toilet and tried to befriend me pretending they wanted to tell me some stories about my enemies. My hubby Ivan learnt that girls had besieged me. He did not like it. So he came and rescued me. There was a small scuffle. The bouncers intervened. Nobody was hit. There was no chaos as reported by some sections of the media.

C: Were you in a cash show-off competition with Judith Heard during the Valu Valu Concert at Kyaddondo Grounds?

Z: Not really. By the way I apologized for the incident. Heard said she would buy Jose Chameleone’s CD at 2,000 pounds so I asked if it was cash. But this incident was dramatized by the media.

C: Where is the building in Kampala which you bought for your sons?

Z: You will soon see it. When I put the poster Zari Plaza, everyone will know the building. I am investing for my kids just in case I am not around tomorrow. It’s along Kampala Road.

C: What’s your dream car?

Z: A Rolls Royce Ghost. God willing, I will buy it.

C: Future plans?

Z: I intend to own my perfume label. The project is in the pipeline.

C: Thank you for your time.

Z: My pleasure. I have to go and ensure workers fix windows in my building along Sir Apollo Kaggwa.


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