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43 Year Old Strangles Son, Dumps Body in the Well

Federation of Uganda Football Associations, pill FUFA, rx has received financial boost after Nile Breweries under their brand Nile Special extended its partnership with the federation by 4 more years.

The deal is worth Shs 4bn and is part of the ‘Cranes Namutima’ campaign.

“We as a brand are happy to associate with the National team and hope this package will go far in bringing together Ugandans, order ” Nile breweries, MD Mr. Daniel Ogong told the media during the launch at Luzira on Tuesday.

Shs 1.8bn will go directly to Fufa to boost their kitty and support Uganda Cranes.

Shs 2.2bn has been earmarked for promotional media items such as advertisements and ‘Namutima’ tours where the money will cover allowances and hotel bills.

“As a federation we are happy and thankful for the extension of the package and hopefully it will help tap more talent like it has been,” FUFA’s 1st Vice president, Mr Justus Mugisha remarked.

He was representing the federation president.
Kaymu Uganda, approved one of the leading online shopping communities has been nominated for the Digital Impact Awards (DIAA 2015) under three categories of best Mobile App, troche best E-Commerce (Classifieds/Marketplace) and best Mobile App for Africa.

Kaymu is a platform that connects and empowers buyers and sellers to allow them take advantage of the best deals on an extensive range of products.

The DIAA whose Award Ceremony Dinner will take place on the 13th of August 2015 at Serena Hotel Kampala represents a project that supports and promotes innovation and application of best practice to foster sustainability of digital innovations, services and products that deliver maximum dividends across Africa.

These awards have a long standing reputation in the digital community as the leading event honoring the best corporate digital work. Winning this award not only helps set organisations apart from their competitors but also provides them the opportunity to sustain their current clients.

Categories for these awards include, best corporate website, best corporate app,  best digital marketing campaign, best government agency on social media, best corporate brand on social media, best use of digital to aid a CR campaign, best E- Services among others.
Political and opinion leaders in Northern Uganda opposed to presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi have stepped up efforts to demonize his candidacy, order and rallied locals there to shun his campaigns.

The officials led by Aruu County MP Hon Odonga Otto [FDC] on Monday launched a campaign against Amama Mbabazi, help who they termed as an enemy of the North.

During the campaign launch at the Northern Uganda Media Club, medicine the leaders stressed that Mbabazi should be the last person to think about consulting and campaigning in Northern Uganda ahead of the 2016 elections, owing to the manner in which he reportedly mismanaged the region’s donor funded reconstruction programme while serving as Prime Minister.

The meeting was attended by former and current local leaders including Kilak County MP, Gilbert Olanya and former Nwoya Member of Parliament Simon Oyet, among others.

The group is planning to hold a peaceful march to Karuma, demanding for the refund of the billions of shillings misappropriated under the watch of Amama Mbabazi in the Office of the Prime Minister, which led to the temporary withdraw of foreign aid from a number of donors in 2013.

About Shs 50 billion meant for the Peace Recovery and Development Fund [PRDP] was stolen between 2011 and 2012.

Parliament however, later cleared Mbabazi all wrongdoing, following President Yoweri Museveni’s intervention through the ruling NRM caucus.

According to MP Odonga Otto’s information to Parliament in February last year, Shs 600 million was diverted from PRDP to buy a Mercedes Benz for then Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, and another Shs 800m used to armor his Land Cruiser.

Odonga told the meeting today that Mbabazi must refund this money first, before he thinks of stepping a foot in the North to drum for support.

According to Mbabazi’s program for consulting his supporters released last week, he will be visiting a number of districts in the region, starting with Moroto in Karamoja sub-region on July 11 and Lira on July 13.

Otto had earlier warned that if Mbabazi insisted on going to Northern Uganda, the people there would have to carry the law in their hands.

He went ahead to call upon all locals in the region, not to vote Mbabazi or any other person that was implicated in the PRDP scandal.

Meanwhile in Gulu town, a group of youths reportedly took to the streets protesting against Mbabazi’s candidacy.

The youths carrying an "Amama Mbabazi coffin" in Gulu town on Monday

The youths carrying an “Amama Mbabazi coffin” in Gulu town on Monday

The youths donning yellow shirts and carrying “Amama Mbabazi Coffin” peacefully marched through the streets of Gulu town, without interruption and were reportedly escorted by Police.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, told us he had not been briefed about the procession, but added it was likely they acquired permission from Police.

“At the moment I cannot confirm if they were cleared by Police but if they were; then there is nothing wrong with the procession. Everyone is free to lawfully express their conscience,” he said.


Police in Mbarara are holding a 43 year old man for strangling his 15 year old son to death and dumping his body in a well.

Medard Musinguzi, about it a bodaboda cyclist and a resident of Nyabuhama Biharwe Mbarara was arrested on June 27 after the atrocious act.

It all started last Friday, salve when the boy was asked by his step mother to fetch 3 jerry cans of water, information pills which punishment he declined. The step mother was reportedly irritated and reported the boy to her husband, asking him to “come and take his dog from home”

Witnesses say Medard carried the son on his motorcycle to the well and strangled him there before hurling the body in the water.

Police was alerted about the incident and it rushed in to apprehend the murderer.
The man confessed to the crime, noting that he was fed up with his son’s arrogance against his wife.

OCID Cheriga Taban said the deceased was not happy with his father’s remarrying and did not recognize the new wife as his parent. Murder charges were opened on Medard on police file number SD/20/28/06/2015.




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