Rwakitura Defection: The Inside Story On Why Mafabi Aide Joined NRM


pharmacy geneva; font-size: small;”>Moses Kisolo, stuff a Personal Assistant to the leader of the Opposition in Parliament, treat defected to ruling party on Monday before being welcomed by President Yoweri Museveni at his country home in Rwakitura.

Kisolo, 45, who has consistently been a lead campaign agent of the FDC and for Nandala, said that he had made the decision to join NRM without any form of influence but after a clear analysis of his former political party, the FDC, and after realizing that they had no clear programme for the country.

A resident of Industrial Division in Mbale Municipality and an established businessman, Kisolo, while meeting the President at Rwakitura, said after working closely with Mafabi for more than a decade, he had got tired of the hypocrisy, treachery, lies and double standards of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leadership.

He further said that he had crossed to the NRM Party after a thorough analysis of the agenda of the NRM and realizing that it is the only formidable political party that can move forward Bugisu in particular and Uganda as a whole.

Museveni welcomed Kisolo to the NRM and said that he had made the most wise decision because it is the Movement that has the vision, will and programme to develop Uganda.

Inside story

FDC insiders say they were startled by Kisolo’s dangerous switch, fearing he could have handed Museveni a huge briefcase of official secrets detailing opposition’s strategy.

“We are expecting the worst. None of us thought Kisolo could betray our cause. He was a hero to us. He fought with valor on the same battle field during Mafabi’s chaotic campaigns and elections in 2011. He knew all the secrets in our camp by virtue of his position,” a top source in FDC who preferred anonymity, said. investigations desk has learned that Kisolo is Presidency Minister Beatrice Wabudeya’s brother.

It is feared Wabudeya brokered the deal that saw Kisolo swing from the opposition to a party he strongly fought to defeat and even remove from power.

After serving as Mafabi’s driver and confidant for long, Kisolo in 2011 decided to stand for FDC Mbale Mayoral primaries against Mutwalibu Zanya. Because of his unpopularity, Kisolo was no match for Mutwalibu- the lion of Mbale politics.

Upon painfully suffering a resounding defeat, a disgruntled Kisolo sped off to Industrial Division where he desperately contested for the LC3 job.

He was again floored by FDC-leaning Independent candidate Mansa Musa.

Shortly after the election, a humiliated Kisolo started grieving like a baby, accusing Mafabi of not giving him adequate financial support at a time he needed it most.

Insiders say Mafabi did not want to waste his resources on a political flop.

Despite being an instrumental mobiliser, Kisolo lacked ample resources and super intellect to achieve his political dreams which he had nursed for decades.

We are told he is a senior four drop out.


The bad blood between Mafabi and Kisolo escalated a few months ago when building materials at Mafabi’s construction site in Kyambogo, Kampala, went missing. Kisolo, who was the foreman, was accused of complicity.

“Mafabi is very strict when it comes to accountability. Kisolo could be fleeing from justice by seeking a safe haven at Rwakitura,” a source tells our investigators.

The defection is a huge blow and public relations nightmare to FDC and the opposition.

It also exposes how opposition is vulnerable to infiltration.

Kisolo is set to wet his beak. Speculation is rife that he was promised a Shs300m ‘rehabilitation’ fund if he quit FDC.


While Kisolo is not a news maker, NRM will use him to dampen the morale of Mbale FDC supporters on top of luring fence-sitters to join the ruling party.

During the 2011 presidential elections, Museveni used Norbert Mao’s brother to woo votes in Northern Uganda, a once stronghold of the opposition. Museveni swept the polls.

The President further used Nasser Ntege Ssebagala to canvass support in Northern Uganda where the former city mayor told all and sundry that all Baganda support Museveni for President.

As more opposition supporters openly move to NRM, the opposition grows weaker.

Unlike in the early 2000s when top NRM shots such as Winnie Byanyima, Col. Kizza Besigye, Mugisha Muntu, Amanya Mushega, Miria Matembe, Salaam Musumba, Augustine Ruzindana crossed to the opposition, the ruling party remains intact.

This confirms fears that even opposition members are hopeless about causing regime change.

Despite the discontentment in NRM, politicians are yet to join the likes of Besigye simply because they are convinced opposition is decades away from capturing state power.


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