UPC BOILS AGAIN: Otunnu Faces Another Coup Plan


diagnosis geneva; font-size: small;”>Fired UPC chairman Edward Rurangaranga says the huge number of signatures confirms loss of trust in Otunnu and is a significant step in ending his unproductive presidency.

viagra approved geneva;”>“We have asked Otunnu to summon a delegates’ conference to discuss party issues including misuse of funds but he does not want. Majority of UPC leaders have openly called for Otunnu’s resignation by signing on a document that calls on him to step down, rx ” says Rurangaranga.

“To remove a party president from office, one needs 503 signatures from delegates. Now we have over 600. Majority have lost faith in Otunnu. Time is now for him to go,” cautions Rurangaranga in an interview with our news desk.

Signatures were collected from UPC MPs and party representatives from districts across the country who concurred that Otunnu had failed to deliver as president, according to Rurangaranga.

The UPC National Council meeting sitting at Luggogo on January 13 unanimously resolved that Otunnu steps down for misappropriation of funds, failing to unite party members and illegally firing top shots Rurangaranga, John Odit and David Pulkol.

“Members found out that Otunnu had failed to work for the advancement of party objectives. They realized that the only way to save the party is to remove him from power.”

On January 16, Otunnu was given only 21 days to convene the UPC delegates’ conference to elect a new party president.

“If Otunnu does not call the delegates conference, the delegates will call themselves and do the needful,” Rurangaranga warned then.

Since then, Otunnu has developed cold feet, fearing the delegates could place the last nail in the coffin of his political career.

The development underlines the growing cracks in one of Uganda’s oldest party.

Hostility against Otunnu’s presidency was fanned by his failure to participate in the 2011 Presidential election exercise despite campaigning as UPC flag bearer across the country.

Observers say Otunnu’s presidency is now hanging in the balance unless adequate steps are taken to resolve the deepening crisis that has since shaken the party.


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