LIVE: Rwanda Commemorates 18 Years After Genocide


illness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>As part of the 18th genocide commemoration events, the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide has Thursday organised an International Conference at Kigali Serena Hotel under the theme: “18 years after the Genocide Perpetrated against Tutsi: Testimonies and Reflections”.

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Since 1994, the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi attracted widespread interest inside and outside Rwanda.

Despite the impressive number of studies, many aspects are still underexplored.

The victims’ voiceless status which dominates most writings and international trials, the little knowledge on antecedents and motives of the atrocity endured and, to mention a few, the linkage between ancient forms of violence and the 1994 horror, advocate for positions both against and beyond the existing literature.

At the same time, the topic comes as an opportunity to assess the legacy of various judicial instances, both national and international, in handling prosecuting and punishing genocide perpetrators.

Already Leon Mugesera is in court battling charges of inciting genocide with a hate speech in which he appealed for the throwing of Tutsis in a river in 1994.

While scholars were relatively prolific in writing on the 1994 genocide, there is little comparative analysis of legal sources.

Given the proposed multidisciplinary approach for genocide studies, the exploration of legal sources, already abundant since the 2000s, shall not be relegated for long.

The above topic is chosen in the line of the context of 18th genocide commemoration.

The latter will take place within a period characterized by the increase of speeches and writings that deny the genocide against Tutsi and seek to undermine its memory in Rwanda and worldwide.

Documents, from different sources are deliberately intended to write an entirely new history of the genocide while denying its reality.

The Conference, which ends Friday, is focusing on the following sub-themes related to the Genocide Perpetrated against Tutsi:

One is the linkage between pre-genocide patterns of violence and the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and the positions on current literature, especially vis-à-vis genocide victim.

The Legacy of post-genocide Justice at the national and international levels will be considered as well as the post-Genocide effects, memory and recovery programs.

The organizers of the conference expect to shed light on linkage between antecedents of structural violence against Tutsi and the Genocide committed in 1994.

An assessment of the current literature on genocide against Tutsi especially with respect to the place allocated to genocide victims and strengthening research and documentation on addressing post-genocide effects.

They will also draft proposals on mechanisms for handling and utilization of reference documents and rulings by national and international judicial organs.

Top intellectuals who are attending the function include Prof. Faustin Rutembesa, Prof. Laurent Nkusi, Prof. Paul Rutayisire, Prof. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, Prof. Evariste Ntakirutimana, Dr Rose Gasibirege, Dr Isaie Nzeyimana, Dr Diogène Bideri, Patrick Karuretwa, Serge Kamuhinda, Ernest Mutwarasibo.

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