Al Shabaab Ridicule Kenyan Generals After Fresh Terror Attacks


approved geneva;”>“Unable to stand on their own against the Mujahideen, Kenya Defence Forces now serve submissively under Ugandan command – Mfa maji hukamata maji, as they say,” reads part of a statement released by the deadly insurgents.

“After all these years of training and sculpting, Kenyan generals are discarded and deemed far too incompetent to lead the war against Mujahideen,” boasted the terrorists who have wreaked havoc in Somalia for years.

The Al Shabaab further revealed they had killed more than 25 Somalia Peacekeepers on Wednesday morning.

“At 5am this morning, the Mujahideen attacked Ethiopian and Transitional Federal Government troops in Ceelbarde, Bakool region along the colonial Somali-Ethiopian border in two operations targeting invading forces, the Mujahideen attacked Kenyan & Ethiopian bases in L.Jubba and Bakool respectively,” bragged the combatants who have since been pushed out of Mogadishu and are still being pursued from their hideouts.

“In a battle that lasted two hours the Mujahideen managed to secure the town, killing more than 25 including five most senior TFG officials in the region,” the rebels noted.

They also claimed to have successfully attacked a VIP function in Mogadishu today, killing six.

Uganda army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye recently told in an interview that Al Shabaab’s days in Somalia are numbered.

“Now that we have pacified Mogadishu, these scattered terrorists shall be pursued and killed. We have defeated them with the support of the Somali people,” said Kulayigye.

The terrorists further claimed that than 14 KDF troops have been confirmed dead and at least a dozen injured. The injured were transported to Liboi for treatment, according to the terrorists’ statement. could not independently verify these claims.

“Disoriented by the intensity of firepower, many of the inexperienced troops immediately vacated their posts and made for the bushes for cover. At around the same time, the Mujahideen raided KDF bases in Hosingow, L.Jubba, inflicting severe punishment to the weak Kenyan troops there,” said the Al Shabaab.

They claim to have killed head of TFG in Ceelbarde Husain Abdalle militia, treasury chief Mohamed Bare and area police boss Zeytun.

Other TFG officials reportedly killed include Ceelbarde Governor Awer Omar Dhere and TFG department head of Bokool Mohamed Dhurwa.


Meanwhile, an attack today at the National Theatre in Mogadishu left several civilians dead and injured but failed to kill any Somali Government Ministers.

The female suicide bomber blended in with the gathering at the Theatre where celebrations were underway marking the first anniversary of the launch of Somali National Television.

The Deputy Force Commander of AMISOM, Brigadier General Audace Nduwumunsi, said:

“We are united with the Somali government and stand firm together. This was a despicable crime against the Somali people but it will not stop us achieving peace in Somalia.

“I condemn it utterly and AMISOM stands alongside the government and families of the Somali people who have been bereaved.

“Yet again the terrorists’ methods show that they are enemies of peace and are foreign to Somali culture. By their attack they are trying to derail the hopes and dreams of the Somali people but they will fail.

“We encourage people in Mogadishu to continue to come forward with information about possible attacks and explosives. We are your friends and brothers as you seek to build a better way of life.”

The National Theatre opened two weeks ago for the first time in more than twenty years. In recent weeks intelligence from the population in Mogadishu has led to 70% of attacks being foiled.


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