BREAKING: Uganda’s A4C Banned


cost sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The announcement has been made by Attorney General Peter Nyombi Tembo.

He invoked Section 56 of the Penal Code Act to issue a statutory instrument thus decaling A4C as “an unlawful society.”

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“Its membership is banned, and if they try to form any other group, it will also be deemed as unlawful,” says Nyombi.

This implies the group’s activities illegal and can no longer hold any political assembly in the country.

The ban comes a day before a massive rally that had been planned for Kololo ceremonial grounds to expose what activists described as “police brutality” in crushing political demonstrations.

Property worth millions of shillings has been destroyed and innocent lives lost during A4C rallies that have rocked Uganda since mid last year.

The declaration read: “By powers conferred to the Attorney General Section 56 (2) (C) in the Penal Code order, the fourth day of April, 2012. Declaration of unlawful societies any society specified in the schedule. This order is to declare to a society dangerous to the peace and order in Uganda. Activists for Change,” Attorney General Peter Nyombi signed.

A4C leader Mathias Mpuuga was not readily available for comment.

Is government doing the right thing by banning A4C?


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