2016 Presidency: Gen. Muntu Not Threatened By Besigye


treat link geneva; font-size: small;”>The FDC mobilization boss has appointed Ibrahim Kasozi as one of the top members on the committee intended for raising funds to challenge NRM’s long-lived stay in power.

Kasozi told our investigators the committee is working tooth and nail to ensure Muntu represents FDC as the party’s flag bearer in the 2016 Presidential contest.

“Muntu will contest to represent FDC in the Presidential elections. In politics space is not given. You have to fight for it. Muntu is not threatened by competition from Besigye or any other person,” said Kasozi.

“We are going to start with the search for FDC President. So far three candidates have shown interest and these are Muntu, Nadala Mafabi and Geoffrey Ekanya. We hope to win this race before going for the 2016 Presidential elections flag bearer challenge,” revealed Kasozi.

“This time we are determined to ensure Muntu wins at all costs.”

According to the FDC constitution, one does not necessarily have to be party President to contest as the party’s representative in a national presidential election exercise.

Pressed to explain the possible sources of Muntu’s campaign funds, Kasozi responded: “Man, don’t joke this time it a win or never so we have to be well equipped and be ready to witness an Obama campaign-style in Uganda. Obama was mainly funded by local supporters. If you remember very well, one would contribute $1 and above,” Kasozi emphasised.

Reminded that Muntu tried using the same strategy in 2010 before it flopped, Kasozi charged: “It was a new system in place, but we have now done our home work very careful and just wait to see. You might not know the man (Muntu) you are talking about. He is a man of few words but a man of action. I think he showed you what he can during the recent by-election in Jinja (he headed FDC’s vote protection security team).”

Kasozi said they intend to raise cash in billions but “that would depend on the challenges ahead of us.”

He further noted that “it’s in black and white that Besigye wants to stand for President.”

In a related development, Kasozi rubbished government’s claims that opposition leaders were involved in subversive activities.

“That’s a gimmick to threaten the opposition. If they ever get evidence implicating us in activities aimed at waging armed war, they should arrest us. We can’t be diverted. We form political parties to take power not to sell charcoal,” said Kasozi.

“You know this government still has that syndrome of rebel mentality because they used the same, but shame upon them because this is a modern era. We use very sophisticated techniques. Let them know that the power of words and wisdom can move the mountains,” he cautioned.

Observers say Muntu is likely to defeat his main opponent Mafabi before taking on Besigye.

It’s believed President Yoweri Museveni will contest for the fifth term in office.


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