Bunamwaya Explains Misindye Match Postponement

information pills geneva;”>In a statement released Friday, Bunamwaya argues it was Misindye FC that approached FCC for the adjournment.

Below is the full statement.

We hereby respond as follows to media reports in regard to the above subject where some media houses and/or their representatives have aired and published information that we deem derogatory to the image of Bunamwaya SC; notably an article in Thursday’s Daily Monitor “Bunna, we can do with more honesty’’.

The mandate to organize, release and reschedule fixtures lies with the Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) and in the case of the Bell Uganda Cup (BUC), the FUFA Competitions Committee (FCC).

Bunamwaya SC did not in any way engage the FCC to reschedule the said match but instead it was Misindye FC for the reasons given to the FCC.

FCC having considered Misindye’s plea engaged Bunamwaya SC about the proposed reschedule and we agreed on the date the match will be played on April 6.

This was before the National Team was summoned.

Bunamwaya SC eventually received a formal communication from FCC in regard to the change of fixture on Monday, 14:00Hrs.

It is unfair to malign Bunamwaya SC for erroneousness in the previews of media houses thereof.

We have learnt that KCC, our opponents in the next USL fixture at Buikwe that was also rescheduled to 14th April 2012, also have three players on the team to face Egypt in Sudan this evening.

By all means, the fixture would not take place. It was only right for a club to take an initiative to inform the USL of that development, this happened to be Bunamwaya SC. It should be noted that KCC also had earlier requested for the same as per the rules.

It is completely out of line in all honesty for someone to suggest and concoct stories in disguise of ‘behind the scenes analysis’ to insinuate and foster unnecessary hatred towards Bunamwaya SC as a club/company.

In conclusion, Bunamwaya started its journey to professionalism and we are walking our strategy, its evident in the way we have been engaging our stakeholders including the media among others, we endeavour to be open, honest and transparent.


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