Russia’s Putin Writes Special Letter To Museveni


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this sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%;”>In the letter, sildenafil Putin assures Museveni that Russia values the development of the traditionally friendly relations between the two countries.

The message was delivered Wednesday to the President by the Russian Ambassador to Uganda at Museveni’s Parliamentary Buildings Office in Kampala.

It reads: Esteemed Mr. President, I am grateful for the warm congratulations in connection with my election as the President of the Russian Federation. Russia attached great importance to the development of traditionally friendly relations with the Republic of Uganda.”

Putin further states: “I completely support your positive mood on further collaboration to promote sustainable development of co-operation between our countries. I sincerely wish you, Mr. President, good health and success as well as stability and prosperity to the people of Uganda.”

The recently elected Russian strongman further notes: “On March 4th, the Russian Federation held Presidential elections and the race was won by Mr. Putin with 63% of the total votes cast. The closet rival to Mr. Putin was Mr. Gennady Zyuganov who polled 17% while 3 other candidates failed to reach even double figures.”

Museveni and the Russian envoy also discussed bilateral issues between their 2 countries.

The timing of this letter is very significant.

Museveni who has of late been facing hostile western countries over human rights and his prolonged stay in power, has been gradually turning to the East for friends who would consolidate his presidency.

This further explains why government has been purchasing the better part of sophisticated military weaponry from China and Russia.

A few months ago, the Ministry of Defence spent trillions of shillings on eight Russian war jets and other military hardware.

Putin’s letter was long overdue considering Museveni’s numerous attempts to buy Russia’s support to the Ugandan leader’s side.


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