How To Find Happiness At The Workplace

troche ailment sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>A blogger sent me an email thanking me for the motivation to have a purposeful life.

more about sans-serif; font-size: small;”>In my response, capsule I challenged him on why he allowed himself to be unhappy at the workplace to a point of near suicide yet he could do something about his depression. I then shared with him my story that I now share with you.

Our workplace is where we spend our most productive hours in a day. If we are depressed at the workplace, it will affect the quality of our lives.

A few years ago, I was a teacher in one of the Schools in Kampala. I was working so hard to get a promotion but the working condition was so hostile.

I got so frustrated and disgusted with my job. However, I noticed most of the teachers were happy with their jobs and never complained other than a few of my friends.

I then sought the advice of one of the oldest teachers. Mr Musisi (not real name) had been in the profession for more than 30 yrs and was not about to quit. He told me, “The science of being happy at the workplace are in five tasks; I will give you a task each day”.


On my first day, my task was to keep in the company of new friends at the workplace for the whole day. In the evening as I was laughing so loud in the staffroom, he called me aside and asked:”What have you learnt today?” I didn’t have an answer.

He then said: “The greatest threat to workplace happiness is the viral infection of negativity.” I then realized that I kept the company of positive minded friends for a whole day. Negative people make you negative in attitude.

On my second day, my task was to identify a personal goal from my lesson plan of the day. He insisted that I write it down. I returned late from class and he was the only one in the staffroom. He again asked, “What did you learn today?” I told him: “I learnt to set goals”.

He responded: “You are late because you were trying to complete a target which you had set for yourself.”

I then realized, I was so motivated and inspired to elaborate my explanations in class so much that the active participation of my students made me extend my period. It was one of my best lessons in the term.

On my third day, Mr Musisi delegated me to take his senior one class for games and sports since he will be out of School. When he returned after School, I was still playing volleyball with the students. The students jubilantly asked me to play with them again.

Mr Musisi over heard them and asked me what I had learnt. “I have learnt how to delegate task,” was my response. He responded: “Look you have just accepted to play with the students again which means you had fun. Learn to have fun in your workplace.” Honestly, I had a great time with the young stars and I was in high spirits after the game.

The fourth day, Mr Musisi asked: “What do you like about your job?” I told him I love the new library with all the African writer series books that I enjoyed reading.

So he went to the library and brought me the book The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka. My task was to read this small book in a day. When I was done he told me: “Always find something you like about your job that will make you look forward to coming back every other day.” At that moment I was in love with my job again.

On my final day he excused himself as I arrived, to go and smoke a cigarette. He came back and asked me: “What did you learn today?” I kept quiet because I didn’t expect him to recommend smoking to me. He smiled and said,” learn to take a break every now and then from your job to re-energize yourself.”

I realized I always kept at my place every break time and had lunch on my seat without having to move and stretch out. This was responsible for my fatigue and low productivity.

Therefore friends, if you take these words of wisdom form Mr. Musisi, you will find happiness at the workplace.

The author is a Ugandan motivational speaker based in San Diego-USA




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