BATTLE LINES: M7 Calls Gen. Saleh As Nkobazambogo Brace For City Riot

about it geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Police will only retain Counter Terrorism commandos and detectives in Kampala as Special Forces Group takes charge of the entire city security.

physician geneva;”>The decision to deploy the military in and around Kampala followed intelligence reports that fanatical Buganda youth were being mobilized to engage security forces in dangerous battles on Kampala streets and suburbs.

mind geneva;”>According to Buganda youth plans, they intend to hold a massive rally at Kasubi Tombs at 9am Monday with the view of invoking Ganda nationalism and nostalgia.

Speeches will be held in which members will condemn government for sitting on an investigation report into the cause of the Kasubi fire in 2009.

At the same time, members will further hold prayers in remembrance of youth who were killed by Special Forces as they blocked President Yoweri from accessing the tombs shortly after the inferno.

At exactly 10am, the youth will then, in large numbers, march to the Constitutional Square where they will board buses to Luzira prison to visit their colleagues who were detained in September 2009 during the Kayunga violence.

Property worth millions of shillings was destroyed and dozens died as Buganda youth battled security forces following a government’s decision barring Kabaka Ronald Mutebi from traveling to Bugerere for a youth function.

According to information obtained, the theme of the march is “Solidarity with Buganda Loyalists in Prisons & Fundraising for their Families.”

The Katikkiro of Buganda Eng. JB Walusimbi will lead the convoy together with Prisoners’ Families and the Buganda Lukiiko.

Security is so concerned considering that any attempts to disallow the Kasubi gathering could trigger bloodshed in the area as well as spark violence in city suburbs.

The army is also bothered by the number of Buganda youth groups involved in tomorrow’s assembly.

They include the militant Nkobazambogo, Buganda Youth Council, Buganda Bumu, Ggwanga Mujje, BANGAWA (Baganda Ngabo Workers Association) among others.

Kampala Police metropolitan spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi told news desk that the force is ready for any eventuality.

“If they go to the streets, we shall handle them accordingly,” he said.

Now fearing that the youth could overwhelm police as it happened in 2009, Gen. Saleh has selected a team of trusted army officers to handle the boiling situation.

Saleh will work closely with IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, Deputy CDF Gen. Ivan Koreta and several heads of military intelligence departments.

All military units around the city have been alerted of the impending security crisis. Sources say the massive deployments of the military will start Sunday night. experts say the violence is likely to start from the explosive Kasubi town before spilling over into the city since security can never allow hundreds of Buganda youth to march to Kampala.

Secondly, the army would not allow the Buganda youth to visit Luzira Prison in big numbers.

The army has of late expressed skepticism about the motive of the sporadic city demonstrations following the arrest of opposition youth involved in subversive activities in Uganda.

“We know opposition thinks Uganda is ripe for a Tsunami. They want to make Uganda ungovernable using riots but we shall deal with them firmly,” a security source noted.

Matters have also been worsened by A4C’s decision to covertly support tomorrow’s Buganda movement.

The new development could further widen the rift between opposition and Buganda on one side and the central government on the other.

Should the Buganda youth go ahead with the planned assemblies, Uganda is likely to witness another bloodbath.

Belligerent youth stormed Nateete Police station in September 2009 before robbing guns and setting fire on it and impounded cars in the compound.

In another incident, an unknown youth grabbed a gun from a Saracen security guard in downtown Kampala thus shooting the former in the head.

At least 19 innocent lives were lost in the chaos.


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