Kagame Quizzed By Turkish University Students, Gets Award

viagra approved geneva;”>In his acceptance speech, ampoule Kagame said the pace of development in ICT has significantly changed the speed of production, dissemination and access to knowledge and information.

“Social media has altered the balance of power within societies and nations by democratising information and knowledge. Today’s reality is that we all are our brother’s keeper,” he said.

“In Rwanda, leaders and citizens are working to transform our country to a level where we can enjoy high standards of living,” stressed Kagame.

He said to manage and influence change in a beneficial way, leaders need long-term vision and understanding their society’s situation.

“Change must be managed and directed in order to move forward and maintain equilibrium within and among states. The ability to influence events has always been the hallmark of any enduring civilization. 21st century offers us and future generations opportunities to influence change to maximize benefits to humankind,” said Kagame.

“Honor reflects efforts of Rwandans working together 17 yrs to restore peace, security national unity and reconciliation. When it’s a respected institution like Fatih University recognizing and appreciating Rwanda leadership, it’s a great honor.”

Kagame further noted that leaders that can take advantage of power of new technology will propel their countries to a higher level of development.

“Nations that recognise and harness the power of new technology will be the leaders in the 21st Century. Rwanda values innovation, entrepreneurship and partnership because our mission is to raise the living standards of our people. In Rwanda we are investing in education and science and technology because they have the most potential to transform our country,” he said.

Shortly after his speech, the President took questions from the audience in Fatih University Auditorium.

“Africa must also continue to work to improve good governance. The continent has made progress, things can and will get better.

Africa must reverse the trend by adding value to raw materials and increase intra-African trade.

Moses Michael from Mozambique asked President Kagame the secret behind transformation of Rwanda from a lawless society into an African model.

The President answered that liberation of Rwanda was based on struggle to right injustices and commitment to change things for the better.

A Turkish student asked why Africa is the poorest continent when it has enormous natural resources. In response, Kagame said Africans need to take charge and there was no reason for Africa to export raw materials and buy back finished goods.


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