Ariong Murder: M7 Directs On City Security Cameras


treatment geneva; font-size: small;”> Museveni made the remarks Thursday evening at Naguru Police barracks in Kampala where he went to pay his condolences to the family of Assistant Inspector of Police, John Bosco Ariong, who died during the opposition instigated commotion in down Kampala City.

The President re-affirmed categorically that the authority of the state is very powerful and that it will be used and implemented lawfully against law breakers.

Museveni said the institutions, particularly the Police, must care for the widows and orphans of Police officers and to this end, he added, government would construct two boarding secondary schools to fully take care of the children of the deceased Police Officers.

The President said his insurance is that Uganda is now stable and that the institutional insurance for people who die especially those on duty, is to take care of their families. He pledged to give Dinnah Agoe the widow of AIP John Bosco Ariong and the family, all the support they need.

Museveni also advised the Police Force to capture on video cameras events in which they are involved in the course of their calling to ensure that evidence is captured and utilized. He said that when the economy improves, Government will install street cameras to further enhance security measures.

Most advanced cities in the world have street security cameras.

The move could have been triggered by police’s lack of evidence to pin opposition leaders, who organized Wednesday’s demonstration, in the murder of Ariong.

Museveni expressed strong concern that habitual offenders use bail to achieve their goals. He, therefore, said that the law will be amended and strengthened to ensure that culprits get bail once.

He gave assurances that courts of law will be assisted to take appropriate measures in time using the documentary evidence accruing from video footages.

Museveni addressed himself to the welfare of the Police Force and pledged that as resources improve, Government will improve their welfare.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Hillary Onek strongly criticized behavior of some political leaders who take it upon themselves to cause chaos. He noted that such elements’ conduct was no different from that Joseph Kony.

He said that the Police Force will not be deterred by elements that are anti-democracy who are apparently basking actions that are totally at loggerheads with the law and order.


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