Interview: “I Will Never Abandon Prostitution”


generic sans-serif; font-size: small;”>’s Paskazia Tumwesigye (PT) last week had an interview with Sarafina Nansamba (SN), troche a sex worker in Bukakata landing site in Masaka; a place with over 100 female sex workers.

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PT: Who is Sarafina briefly?

SN: I am a young, beautiful and energetic woman aged 25; the three traits have largely contributed to my ability to perform my activities excellently.

PT: When and how did you come to know about this business?

SN: It was 2011 when I visited a friend at this landing site and found out that one can survive using their bodies. I won’t deny that I was first embarrassed to think that I can be a commercial sex worker but as time went on and the money I came to like it and accept it.

PT: Kindly tell me about your first encounter

SN: Hahahah (she laughs loud) my first encounter was a night mare; I had never slept with more than one man in a night but here I was sleeping with over 5 men in one night. The pain at first was strong since I had no feeling for these men, but as I gained more experience it became so easy that I can now sleep with 10 men in one night.

PT: What on earth could compel a young girl like you to join this business?

SN: I was forced to join commercial sex after I lost my father and my past experience with men. My father died when I was young and yet the first born and my mother was too poor to provide for me and my three siblings.

When I grew up I looked for a business that could enable me take care of my siblings, that’s when I set up a bar in my village but had less funds to boost it , the yields were so low to cater for all of us at home.

As if that was not enough, all the men I ever dated treated me like I was some kind of a demon. Men disrespected me despite dedicating my heart whole heartedly. There came a time when I wondered how to live with men without giving them your heart and thoughts. I realized that by selling my body I could kill two birds with one stone; get the money to boost the bar and avoid men breaking my heart.

PT: How is the business like?

SN: Well like any other business, it has its good and bad.

PT: Let us go with the good first

SN: Hmm (she hums) I earn good money for on a good day I can make Shs50,000 which I do not think every Ugandan can get. More so I bid farewell to men breaking my heart because as of today my heart belongs only to me and its creator.

PT: So you also recognize God as your creator despite going against his commandment?

SN: Of course I know God and I know that the reason why some sex workers have been murdered while I am still living is because of his mercies. I also know that he is not happy with this business but I pray I get enough money and get out of this business.

PT: So why do you want to get out of this business?

SN: Like I said it has its bad side, for instance trying to sleep with as many men as I can to get more money gets me tired and is painful. This is definitely not the life I want to live for the rest of my life.

PT: Besides men are not easy at times, some do not want to use condoms even when they are infected with HIV, so this puts me on tension on whether he is going to remove it in the middle of the game.

SN: Other men are thieves, you bring them to your home but they want to take your property. There is a day a man after enjoying me pulled out a sword on me after I demanded for my pay. At times some girls have been murdered in hotel rooms, so really it is a risky venture that I would not advise even my enemy to join.

PT: Is your mother happy about you selling your body?

SN: Ouch! (She puts on a frightening face) my mother cannot know about this, neither can my siblings that is why I could not do such a business in Rakai where I am born. I cannot imagine how shocked she might be, knowing that I do such kind of work.

PT: Are you aware that you are at a high risk of getting HIV?

SN: Oh yes, but I am very care full about it, I can never be without condoms, but in case I get the infection I will try to be strong because I have seen many who have lived with it for years.

PT: Would you do any other job in case you get an opportunity?

SN: Never and I say never! I have been treated badly in the past and I cannot allow to be employed by any other person. I only look forward to revamping my bar business till I see my siblings finish school.


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