Mbabazi You Tube Video On Kony Goes Viral


dosage geneva; font-size: small;”>The video posted on the YouTube website on Saturday afternoon has already been viewed by over 120, seek 000 people and has prompted an array of positive reactions and commentaries. More than 97% of the people who responded to this video approved it.

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The Prime Minister has been praised for embracing modern communication technology to respond to the misleading impression created by the Invisible Children organization.

He has been compared to US President Barrack Obama for taking to social media channels to communicate directly with people throughout the world.

Prominent radio personalities and TV hosts around the world posted messages on various blogs, websites and social sites congratulating the Prime Minister for communicating the current reality of LRA threat in the region.

As a result, they have recognized the fact that Joseph Kony was defeated in Uganda in 2006 and that the UPDF continue to lead the international effort to bring him to justice.

“Uganda is not in conflict. Uganda is a modern, developing country which enjoys peace, stability and security,” the Prime Minister said in his video.

The vast majority of those who commented and tweeted applauded the Prime Minister not just for “embracing new media”, but also for seizing the opportunity to invite the world to visit Uganda, known globally for its natural beauty. He took the opportunity to remind the world that Lonely Planet declared Uganda to be the best country to visit in 2012.

And it was not just the video. Using the hashtag #KonyisntinUganda, the Prime Minister further tweeted, “as Prime Minister of Uganda, I appreciate your interest and invite you to visit. We have peace, stability and great people”. These tweets were read by close to a million people worldwide.


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