Rebellion: 700 Ugandans In Diaspora Resolve To Topple M7


information pills geneva;”>The decision to form committees to expedite an attack on Uganda with the view of causing regime change was sealed on Saturday at a hotel in Johannesburg, viagra dosage South Africa.

web geneva;”>It all started with a now popular public debate forum “Ekimeeza kya South Africa” chaired by President Yoweri Museveni’s harshest critic Malcom Matsiko.

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Other members who attended the controversial debate include Tim Mugerwa (Secretary General), a renowned Pan Africanist in Soouth Africa, Baker Mayambala (Press Secretary) and ex Ugandan soldier Lt. Col. Hassan Lukolokomba.

Other opposition diehards including Richard Semitego of the extremist Buganda outfit Suubi joined in the teleconference debate from London.

The discussion was held under the theme: “Road map to Museveni’s exit 2012.”

Members noted that change has become a desperate need to all Ugandans beyond frontiers.

Under the chairmanship of Matsiko, Ugandans in South Africa expressed disappointment in NRM government, arguing that Museveni is very irrelevant to the people of Uganda.

They further described him as a traitor and a big disappointment.

Unlike in the past when members have fairly discussed the situation in Uganda, this way round they called for the use of arms against the government led by Museveni.

“Precisely, effective and proper strategies have been finalized to oust Uganda’s longest serving ruler. Ugandans in South Africa and others in the diaspora assured their fellow Ugandans to be on guard,” Mugerwa confirmed to news desk.

Another speaker Mayambala warned: “The time that we waited for is here, when you hear the bells ringing and whistles blowing, know that the hour has come. We’ve talked enough; we’ve waited long, we’ve adequately warned him and above all given him (Museveni) enough time. It’s time we showed him that we’re men and women capable of doing anything,”

This is not the first time Ugandans in Diaspora are indulging in plans of setting off rebellions in Uganda.

Al ready tension is high in the army following the discovery of several rebel groups in Uganda commanded by UPC and other opposition members.

Col. Felix Kulayigye has since confirmed to our news desk that hundreds have so far been detained at several military and police units in connection with subversive activities.

During the South Africa debate, Mayambala further charged: “Museveni described us as cowards, visionless citizens but sooner than expected he’ll know that it’s his ego that misled and deceived him.”

According to Mugerwa, participants continued to emphasize the need for a core group in Uganda for easy coordination but they were assured of the unique methodology of operation that is on ground.

He said “more coordinators at all levels are still undergoing through sophisticated training that can’t be barred by NRM and more patriots have been called upon to join the revolution.”

Semitego, the overseer of Ssuubi in UK and a staunch member of

England’s Conservative Party, joined from London:

“No war has ever been planned and started from Uganda. Wars fought in Uganda have always been masterminded from the Diaspora including NRM.” He reminded Museveni of the six months that he was given to address issues that are demanded by Buganda and Ugandans in general.

Semitego warned that failure to fulfill them would spark a revolution.

He also called upon the urgent release of all political prisoners including Buganda youth who were “wrongfully detained” during the September 2009 Kayunga violence.

Mastiko denied being Museveni’s spy as alleged by some members.

He advised Ugandans to cease using blanket tribal accusations and living on assumptions that people from Ankole are pro-Museveni and are big beneficiaries of what he termed as a corrupt regime.


Bogere Abdullah, the Operations Field Commander of a force aimed at removing Museveni, sounded war drums by revealing that elections under NRM are no more and the government must be removed forcefully.

“The language that he understands is the one spoken by a gun. His greed to empty state coffers has deceived him to an extent that he can’t see his nearing exit. Claiming to be the only person with vision in Uganda is bad and creates an eccentric ego and affects proper and natural reasoning,” warned Bogere.

“I call upon all freedom fighters to join us before being fined for delayed participation” roared the operations Commander.


Fugitive UPDF officer Colonel samsom Mande called from Sweden and asked Ugandans not to underestimate Museveni’s strength.

“We must be united and brave to confront the President who uses state facilities to crack down his own people. He has the power to access all the funds from the central bank and use it for his personal gain,” said Col. Mande.

He, however, noted that The struggle must be Constitutional, non sectarian, non partisan and reflecting national unity.

Mande continued to ask members to identify real problems affecting Ugandans and address them innovatively.

When asked whether he could join the struggle to oust Museveni, the former bush war fighter said:

“I am more than ready to join the struggle and push for change. I’ve done it before; I now have more genuine reasons to fight for freedom than before. Freedom fighters ought to double their efforts because their enemy doesn’t sleep.”

The meeting was closed with a universal resolution to attack Museveni’s regime and show him his exit in 2012, according to Mugerwa.

As a way of quickening the revolution, ad hoc committees were formed that have to sit every three days to help on the executive that sits on a weekly basis.

Mugerwa says the general meeting will continue to sit every fortnight but consultations and correspondences shall be done on a daily basis.

The executive is set for a nationwide tour to mobilize other Ugandans in all the nine provinces to join the revolution and speed up the activities.

By March 31, according to resolutions seen by this investigative website, the committee was tasked to travel all the nine provinces.

Army spokesperson Felix Kulayigye a few days ago said UPDF is ready to defend Uganda from all sorts of rebellions.

He further noted the situation in Uganda is not so bad to warrant war.


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