NSSF Suicide: What Is Your Purpose In Life?

case geneva; font-size: small;”>Last week, erectile Ugandan media was awash with the news of a 26-year-old girl (Justine Nalugya) who is believed to have committed suicide by jumping from one of Uganda’s tallest building (Workers House).

Justine completed her studies from Makerere University in 2007. Since then she has not been gainfully employed. Justine briefly worked at her uncle’s up-country (Mbarara) bakery as an accountant.

The question on everyone’s mind is: Why did she choose to commit suicide? Relatives think she was disgusted with her life, which might have inspired her to go for the worst.

I know there are many people like her who are disgusted with what life has thrown at them. There are people who even have jobs but are so depressed with the working conditions and find no meaning in their duties.


Unlike many who think the frustration of not having a job inspired Justine to commit suicide, I think lack of purpose in life forced her to give up on life.

Edward Diener, a psychologist who researches subjective wellbeing in the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (USA) says: “One of the vital ingredients for happiness is having a meaning in life”.

Unfortunately, many people don’t live a life inspired by purpose because they don’t ask themselves, “What is my purpose in life?” We have streamlined our brains to believe a life worth living is a life of plenty.

Therefore only well paying jobs meet our goals in life. What if we find meaning in teaching at nursery schools? What if helping the sick and destitute is what brings us meaning? These careers may not make you rich but happier because it has meaning in your life.

May be if Justine had looked at working at the bakery as serving the hungry, she would still be alive and happy.

As we choose our careers, let’s be inspired by a sense of inner purpose and fulfillment. It is not the activity in our lives that defines our feeling of purpose but our perspective.

If you feel you are following a calling, you will be happier and generate greater satisfaction. If you are not in the job you love, love the job you are in and find meaning in it. The Chinese have a saying: “If heaven made him, the earth can find some use for him.”

Your life is just a printout of your thoughts, so never give it up.

The author is a Ugandan motivational speaker based in San Diego-USA


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