Uganda Bishop Drops Anti-M7 Speech Bomb At Makerere


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“What is the corner that you must turn? The youth lead and indeed have been at the heart of most significant social transformation revolutions across the world. Leaders are born and bred among University students. Even Pan Africanism started with student revolutions,” Niringiye told a crowd of students who had packed the Senate Conference room for a public lecture.

The debate was organized by Centre for Constitutional Governance (CCG), a non-governmental organisation headed by departed Brig. Noble Mayombo’s brother Okwir Rabwoni.

Other speakers included former Ethics Minister Hon. Miria Matembe, Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) President Beti Kamya and Rabwoni.

The debate was held under the topic “The role of youth in national transformation.”

“There is urgent need for collaboration among students. We all know those who struggled for Uganda’s Independence. The Late Milton Obote was a fired up student at Makerere. He could not finish from here but he was the first Prime Minister of Uganda. All those who have provided leadership started as leaders of students including Gerald Karuhanga,” said Niringiye.

“Youth and students are drivers of movements globally. In Phillipines, students led protests that ended the dictatorship of Marcos. The proverbial 27 (Museveni’s first batch of guerillas) were very young men. You are very significant, let no body despise you,” the Bishop roared.

The statements come at a time when civil societies have stepped up campaigns aimed at sensitizing the country about what they have described as Museveni’s dictatorship.

They civil groups have also played a pivotal role in supporting opposition political parties to mobilize supporters to hold protests on the streets with the view of showing their dissatisfaction with the ruling government.

Niringiye recently quit church service to participate in activities that could lead to the restoration of Presidential term limits which were scrapped by the ruling party dominated Parliament thus paving way for Museveni to contest for the third term in office.

The fire-spitting Bishop is gradually becoming one of Museveni’s top critics.


Niringiye further fired up students: “Not any young people can cause change. Some can even lead to destruction of movements. It depends on how you transform that energy into something tangible. You need courage, deep conviction and unshakeable commitment if you intend to transform your lives for the better.”

“Let’s caucus around ideas. It’s ideas and convictions that change society. Young people must have courage and be ready to do something about their lives. Stop being cowards and bystanders. Stop being youth on whom things happen or wait for things to happen. You must not only watch things as they happen but also make things happen,” said Niringiye as enthusiastic students rose up in ecstasy thus giving the Bishop a deafening ovation.

He cited several youthful leaders who led the campaign against Apartheid in South Africa.

“The youth decided to do something. They mobilized fellow men to overthrow apartheid. Some paid with their own lives. You must be ready to pay with your lives for what you believe in. This is the struggle to bring transformation to our country,” he added.

“You youthful men and women must be committed not only today but for the long journey. You need to emulate Martin Luther King who paid his life for championing the civil rights movement in America. Don’t be intimidated. This is our country. This is our future. Whose future? This country does not belong to someone. All of us must have space,” cautioned Niringiye.

As all this happened, students were visibly eagerly listening and hugely excited by the Bishop’s extraordinary oratory skills and confidence. Some students found themselves on the edges of their seats as they stretched their ears for Niringiye’s brilliant ideas.


He further attacked President Yoweri Museveni for giving out 1980-86 war medals to “Ugandans who killed Ugandans.”

“Why give medals to war veterans? Why divide the country between rebels? It’s now our choice. To choose whether to be spectators or shape the future of this country! I have made a choice to be part of this transformation. How about you?” he challenged the students.

“How can Museveni say that he is the only one with a vision? We need to blame ourselves for allowing him claim to be the only one with a vision. Stop asking for things from him. Tell him ‘no sir we have convictions and this is our future.’ I want to be in the action. Do you want to be in action?” he further provoked the students.

Niringiye’s thirty minutes had thrilled the students who vowed to take action to liberate themselves from Museveni’s government. He left immediately after his speech for a prior planned engagement. Students loudly applauded his speech and urged the Bishop to return for another debate in future.


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