Mayombo‘s Brother Prepares Nationwide Revolt Against M7

page geneva;”>Rtd. Major Okwir Rabwoni has said the struggle against injustices in Uganda must continue and the revolution will be led by the youth themselves, this reveals.

viagra 40mg geneva;”>“You the youth need to know that I am on your side. When political space becomes narrow, know that somebody is afraid of the citizens. Your role is to wake up and get these armored vehicles off the streets,” Rabwoni told a cheerful group of Makerere students who had gathered at Senate building for a public debate.

The discussion was organized by Centre for Constitutional Governance (CCG), a non-governmental organisation headed by Rabwoni. Other speakers included former Ethics Minister Hon. Miria Matembe, Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) President Beti Kamya and and President Yoweri Museveni’s top critic Bishop Zac Niringiye.

The debate was held under the topic “The role of youth in national transformation.”

“No military or police presence should worry you. Do not be scared at all. I am with you in expressing this worry. The militarization of Uganda’s politics is totally uncalled off. It’s against human rights and scares away foreign investments. This campaign will go countrywide,” Rabwoni roared, attracting a thunderous applause from students.

“The role of youth in social transformation is to overhaul the entire system. Social means we form an entity of people. We need social consciousness so we can transcend our individual needs and come to think about our country,” said Rabwoni as a deafening silence swept the Senate Conference centre.

Students listened attentively as the youthful former military officer, who fought wars in Congo and Rwanda charged:

“Are you happy with the state of education? Are you happy with the unemployment rates in Uganda? Are you happy with the status quo? How about the roads and hospitals? Are you contended with the public service and how finances of this country are managed? We have called you to find an answer to these questions.”

He further added: “We have what it takes to transform this society. My friends take me to see big houses in Kololo and Muyenga which they have built. Very few have showed me libraries or laboratories to help young people do research. Where is our ambition as young people? What makes you tick as individual or Ugandan? Where are we coming from and where are we going? What’s the philosophy of Uganda’s politics?”

Rabwoni officially declared that he had put in place CCG to provide platform for “research, debate and not to end on debate but finding solutions that affect our country.”

Under this project is Hope Initiative which will help the youth to debate and channel one’s knowledge into positive transformation.

“We have decided to start early enough so that by 2016, we shall have enabled the country to make informed decisions. This is why we are here. It’s only through citizen power that people can recapture power they have lost,” he noted.

This is the latest blunt attack on the NRM government and the military which Rabwoni served for a good number of years before he switched to Col. Kizza Besigye’s camp in 2001.


Mayombo’s brother is well known in the army as a very dangerous networker and organizer. His impressive record is well documented in military operations in Congo and Rwanda, where his wife hails.

He however shot to the limelight in February 2001 when he was brutally beaten by his elder brother Mayombo who was then military intelligence director at Entebbe Airport as he planned to flee the country.

Mayombo accused Rabwoni of joining Besigye to destablise the country.

Rabwoni had cited security concerns during the Presidential campaigns thus attempting to flee.

In fact on February 20, Museveni spoke out angrily against Col Besigye, accusing him of trying to obstruct security forces from questioning Rabwoni at the airport a few days earlier.

An angry Museveni sternly warned the likes of Besigye, saying those who were agitating to exploit the Rabwoni saga to cause chaos in Kampala that security forces have been preparing to smash them.

Museveni, addressing the nation from Kotido charged: “I had a telephone discussion with Rabwoni yesterday in which maintained his earlier statement of withdrawal from the Besigye task force was made willingly. Rabwoni told me he approached security officers saying he feared for life after he decided to quit the Besigye camp; that he had approached the American embassy to help him flee the country but the Americans referred him to Kenya.”

The president further noted Rabwoni had ended up at Besigye’s home yet security was willing to offer him guards.

Museveni was also furious that Rabwoni had booked a hotel room at hotel near Lake Victoria where he was coordinating recruitment of youth to help Besigye during the hotly contested election.

Rabwoni’s statements are likely to shake security.


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