WAR AT LAST: Israel Moves To Strike Iran


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this sans-serif; font-size: small;”>“Israel has never left its fate in the hands of others, not even in the hands of our best friends, ” Netanyahu told the Knesset Wednesday, according to Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu cited legendary US secretary of state George Marshall as telling David Ben-Gurion in 1948 not to declare a state, and reminded the Knesset that US president Lyndon Johnson not only advised Israel against preemptive military action in 1967, but warned that “if you act alone, you will be alone.”

Likewise, he said, former Prime Minister Menachem Begin knew when he decided to attack the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 that he was going against US wishes and would come under sharp international criticism.

“But he fulfilled his obligation and acted,” said Netanyahu, possibly preparing the public for the prospect of Israeli military action even over US objections.

For starters, Ben Gurion was the Israel’s first prime minister and founder of the Jewish nation in 1948. On May 14 1948 Ben-Gurion, read a “Declaration of Independence,” which proclaimed the existence of a Jewish state called Israel beginning on May 15, 1948, at 12:00 midnight Palestine time (6:00 p.m., May 14, 1948, Eastern Standard Time).

By referring to Gurion, the man whose reign responded aggressively to Arab guerilla attacks, and in 1956, invaded Egypt, Binyamin is sounding war drums.

He further told the Knesset that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an “existential threat” to Israel, and that while he would prefer it if Iran voluntarily abandoned its nuclear ambitions, he had an “obligation” to retain Israel’s “independent ability” to defend itself.

He scoffed at those who argued that an accord with the Palestinians would solve the Iranian problem.

“As if an agreement with Abu Mazen [PA President Mahmoud Abbas] would stop the [Iranian] centrifuges,” he said. “Anyone who wants to believe that may do so, but he is burying his head in the sand.”


The sharp statements will not only prepare Israel for an attack on Iran nuclear sites but also stoke tensions in the Middle East. Countries are likely to start preparing for ways of dealing with the consequences of a potentially catastrophic war between Iran and Israel.

Experts say Iran-sponsored militia groups Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas fighters in Palestine and Lebanon would immediately start firing rockets at Israel as well as engage Israel Defence Forces in deadly combat.

There is also a possibility that Iran’s longtime ally Syria could join the fight against Israel, a scenario that would see the Middle East face an “earthquake” of tornadoes.

With Iran determined not to abandon the nuclear project and threatening to rub Israel off the word map, all indications are that the Islamic nation could soon face blistering air raids.

And well knowing that Israel is hell bent on launching strikes against them, Iran in the past weeks carried out preparatory war games.


Matters have been exacerbated by Indian authorities who on Thursday confirmed Police in New Delhi and intelligence agencies had positively identified three Iranians responsible for plotting and carrying out the recent attack on an Israeli diplomat’s car in the Indian capital.

The Times of India reported that the three men were Houshang Afshar Irani, Seyed Ali Mahdiansadr and Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi. They held Iranian passports, and traveled to New Delhi 15 days before the bombing on tourist visas.

To Israel, this is enough confirmation that Iran is not only determined to build nukes but also export terror to her citizens abroad thus winning sympathy from the international community.

As all this happens, there have been reports of intensified fighting between Israel Airforce and militants in Gaza.


“The dominant element driving the events in Gaza is not the Palestinian issue,” Binyamin said. “The dominant element driving the events in Gaza is Iran. Gaza is Iran.”

The prime minister said that Gaza’s missiles, money, terrorist training and terrorist infrastructure all came from Iran.

“Who is giving the orders?” he asked. “Iran. Gaza is Iran’s forward position.”

Netanyahu said that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah in Lebanon all worked under Iran’s umbrella.

“Now imagine if that umbrella turns nuclear? Imagine that behind the terrorist organizations is a state calling for our destruction that is armed with a nuclear bomb.”

The prime minister, referring to opposition leader Tzipi Livni’s comments that he was sowing panic, said those same words had been hurled at him in 2005 when he predicted that as a result of the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, missiles would be fired from there at Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ashdod.

“They said then we were sowing panic,” he said. “They said the unilateral withdrawal would bring a breakthrough on the road to peace. Nu, what breakthrough? What road? What peace?” Every time Israel left territory, he continued, Iran moved in.

“We left Lebanon, Iran came in. We left Gaza, Iran came in. There are those suggesting we do the same thing in Judea and Samaria,” he declared. “Iran would go in there as well. I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t understand that it is forbidden to repeat the same mistake a third time.”

Israel’s enemies, he stated, needed to understand that in the final analysis, Israel would not suffer an Iranian base in Gaza.

“Sooner or later,” he said, “the Iranian terrorist base in Gaza will be uprooted.”


Meanwhile, as the Middle East catches fire, US President Barack Obama warned Wednesday that the window to resolve the crisis over Iran’s nuclear program diplomatically was shrinking, and that Tehran would face consequences if it didn’t take fresh talks seriously.

“Because the international community has applied so many sanctions, because we have employed so many of the options that are available to us to persuade Iran to take a different course, the window for solving this issue diplomatically is shrinking,” Obama said during a Rose Garden press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, according to Reuters.

“I hope that the Iranian regime understands that this is their best bet for resolving this in a way that allows Iran to rejoin the community of nations and prosper, and feel secure themselves,” Obama said.

Obama was responding to a reporter’s question of whether the talks recently announced by the P5+1 group of world powers were Tehran’s final opportunity to resolve the nuclear issue before military action was taken.

Russian newspaper Kommersant reported Wednesday that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a message to Iran, with which it does not have diplomatic relations, via Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that the negotiations were Iran’s “last chance,” according to an unnamed Russian diplomatic source.

“The Israelis are de facto blackmailing Obama. They put him into an interesting position: Either he backs the war or loses the support [of the American Jewish lobby],” the well-connected newspaper quoted a Russian diplomatic source as saying.

But Obama did say that “I have sent a message very directly to them publicly that they need to seize this opportunity of negotiations with the P5+1 to avert even worse consequences for Iran in the future.”

Cameron joined Obama in warning that should Tehran refuse to meet the conditions on its nuclear program imposed by the international community, the US, Britain and other international partners would “continue to increase the political and economic pressure to achieve a peaceful outcome to this crisis.” He added that “nothing is off the table.”

With the Western leaders firmly behind Israel, hopes of stopping the Jewish super power from conducting surgical military operations against Iran nuclear sites are minimal if not nonexistent but the move could turn the Middle East into smoldering rubble.


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