M7 Gets Special Letter From Eritrea Leader Afwerki


search geneva; font-size: small;”>The crucial message was delivered to Museveni at State House, Entebbe by the Eritrean Minister of Foreign Affairs Osman Saleh.

While the contents of the message are still scanty, the timing is very important considering the state of security in Somalia and also renewed hostilities between Kampala and Khartoum.

A few months ago, the international community accused Afwerki of sponsoring Al Shabaab to defeat UPDF-led AMISOM troops.

Fearing possible reprisals, Afwerki travelled to Uganda where he told the world during a joint press conference with Museveni that he has never supported the Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab fighters.

Since then, the two Presidents have been on good terms. As we write this, AMISOM is gradually taking over Somalia from the extremists’ hands. Mogadishu is now in the hands of AMISOM.

The message could be aimed at morale boosting the Ugandan troops in Somalia.

Afwerki’s letter also comes at a time when Sudan leaders have stepped up rhetoric against Uganda, accusing Kampala of sponsoring South Sudan rebels to cause regime change in Khartoum.

In the early 2000s, Afwerki and Museveni planned to remove Bashir from power using a joint force that had been stationed in Juba.

The planned military offensive was cancelled by Museveni at the last minute for unknown reasons. Experts say Afwerki could be showing his side in case Sudan picks up guns against Uganda.

Meanwhile, Museveni and the Eritrea Minister discussed issues of bilateral interest between Uganda and Eritrea. They also reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of strategic partnership with Uganda.

The Eritrea Minister was accompanied by his country’s Ambassador to Kenya and Tanzania Mr. Beyene Rossom.

State Minister for Regional Affairs, Mr. Asuman Kiyingi attended the meeting.


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