State House: Basajjabalaba Recruited Moles To Spy On M7


sale geneva;”>Though spacious, look Mirundi’s office lacks a laptop on his desk.

price geneva;”>There are several video tapes neatly piled in the corner of the room. Dozens of peasants are waiting outside and others peeping through the door to catch his attention. They want connections to the President so he can settle their land conflicts and also secure State house education sponsorships!

“Please go to the Lands desk. The President has ten lawyers to take care of such cases,” he directs one of the women who had camped at his office.

I propose that my interview with him is conducted outside his office. He obliges.


I fire the first question as we walk along in the lawn: Where is the letter showing Joy Kabatsi has been sacked?

“Letters are written by people. They are available. I can assure you Kabatsi received her letter giving her marching orders today Monday. She picked the letter herself. Kabatsi is out of this. Her services are no longer wanted. Her job has been terminated,” he speaks boldly, as a smile lights up his face.

Mirundi says it’s normal for Museveni to hire and fire officials especially those in the sensitive legal department.

“Before Kabatsi came, Fox Odoi and five others had been removed from office. This legal department is very sensitive because Museveni relies on them for legal advice before he makes crucial decisions. He consults them regularly. That’s why there are so many chance of making mistakes.”

Pressed to explain whether threatening Kabatsi with legal action for speaking out against intrigue in State House does not tantamount to intimidation, Tamale Mirundi says the former legal aide made a huge mistake by running to media to embarrass State House.

“When you run to the media saying one of the President’s aide Kankunda fought and brought you down and tells what Museveni should do means the President’s powers have been hijacked. It means someone else has taken over Presidency. This is abusing the President. It means he no longer functions. We had to bring Kabatsi to order,” says Mirundi, confidently.


“Kabatsi thought Museveni was not aware of her case and wanted to draw the attention of the President using press. When Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee met Museveni at Nakasero a few months ago, Museveni told MPs that he had reliable information that city tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba had recruited staff at State House to spy on the President and also feed him with lies.

The President’s Press Secretary, well known for not mincing his words, adds: “Museveni told MPs that police was investigating the matter and these suspects could not attend certain meetings.”

Mirundi says these people were stealing State secrets to supply Basajja with information needed to execute his filthy deals.

While Mirundi refuses to name the suspects not to jeopardize police investigations, Kabatsi’s and Atwiine’s names ring in my mind.

The two reportedly facilitated the tycoon to pocket Shs169b as compensation for lost tenders of city markets and have since been fired.

The development, if true, shows how businessmen exploit officials in high level offices to facilitate plunder of State resources.

Put on the wall, Mirundi notes that State House gives appointment letters though he falls short of explaining why Kabatsi was not handed a sacking letter. Why should a senior Presidential legal aide hear about her sacking in the media?

“Kabatsi should have confirmed her sacking with the President’s Principal Private Secretary who is the chief administrator here. That’s what you do when rumours circulate that you have been fired. Going to the media exposed her weaknesses. Now her enemies are jubilating,’ Mirundi says with a touch of humour.


But Kabatsi cites the explosive Sembabule politics, saying Kankunda was placed in State House by Sam Kutesa who has been funding her arch MP rival Hanifa Kawooya.

“Kabatsi has her own problems. She should fight on as a woman. You will remember that she resigned at State House to contest for Sembabule Women MP but lost to Kawooya. That was a time to block her return. But the President gave her the same job and has been relating well with all aides. She was hard working but this time Kabatsi was caught in a wrong act,” notes Mirundi.


Mirundi says Kabatsi is not first one whose services are no longer wanted. “I like her and she used to be my good friend here. Let her soldier on. Engaging in political battles with the President is indiscipline. She was one of most active people and best performers. I miss her,” Mirundi says sarcastically, as I choke on laughter.


He adds, wittingly: “The media does not help you. This case is not decided by the opinion court. There is no referendum whether Kabatsi should return. It doesn’t help you and spoils your chances. The day Museveni says you are no longer useful, just go. I’ve been here for eight years if he says I go, I will move on. Never make enemies celebrate victory over you.”


I then wonder why State House is rocked by intrigue, back-stabbing and bad-mouthing of one another.

“State House is not like a palace. Most of us found our ways to State House. We are mainly political and we come from different social set ups. There are always quarrels. If councilors can fight for Gombolola chief’s attention why shouldn’t aides fight for the President’s eye?

The fighting is very minimal these days,” notes Mirundi.

But then why is that it’s harder than going through a needle’s eye for a senior legal aide to meet the President. How do you advise the President without meeting him?

In response, Mirundi says the President has little time.

“If you want to see the President, please go through the PPS. But why go to president all time? Why insist on seeing Museveni every day?” he wonders.

Mirundi responds to Kabatsi’s claims that State House aides are working tooth and nail to purge then PSS Amelia’s loyalists. Kabatsi was very close to Amelia.

“Yes, it is true things were very okay when Amelia was around. But when your mother is no longer there, please adapt to new situations. You cannot talk to Museveni without seeing the PPS,” he affirms.

During the interview I observe the possibility of a huge rift between Kabatsi and Museveni’s PPS Grace Akello, whom many say has seriously restricted access to the head-of-state.

A few months ago, Gen. Salim Saleh complained that Akello had blocked him from seeing the President.

“I wanted to give you ten reports but your secretary has blocked me. Why? Where did you get her from? She must show some respect for some of us,” Saleh said during the Memorial Service of their late mother Esteri Kokundeka in Kiruhuura district.


State House intrigue aside, why is that the president is defending BoU Governor Tumusiime Mutebile yet he sacked other ministers Kidhu Makubuya and Syda Bumba over Basajja compensation?

Mirundi says no body is in control of the institution of the Bank of Uganda Governor. “People just like shouting. Where is it written that if two Baganda are sacked, a Munyankole must go? MPS were just involved in a useless debate. Even if they had resolved to censure him, the resolutions would be useless.”

He also notes Parliament is opportunistic. Mirundi elaborates that PAC finished investigations, made recommendation and the report was taken to plenary for adoption.

He says MPs wanted to be the investigator, prosecutor and hangman.

“We have institutions. MPs cannot do police work. CID should take over from them because they cannot create a CID department among themselves. Even if they passed a resolution it would not have applied to Mutebile,” he blasts the legislators.


What Is Mirundi’s view on Museveni standing again for Presidency in 2016?

He says it’s up to the party to choose the flag-bearer. “You see, these revolutionary parties no longer have term limits. They sit and determine who lifts the Olubengo. If the party says yes, then Museveni will stand for another term in office.”

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