Al-Shabaab: We did Not Bomb Kenya!


adiposity sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%;”>“Contrary to the specious allegations of the Kenyan government, tadalafil Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen bears no responsibility whatsoever for the turbulence that reigns over the country,” reads part of a statement issued Monday.

“The turmoil that is rapidly spreading across Kenya is in fact a monument to the grossly misguided foreign policies and misplaced priorities of the Kenyan government that seems to be under the delusion that it is waging a winnable war against Islam,”

On Sunday, Internal Security Minister George Saitoti was quoted by the media saying Al-Shabaab were to blame for the heinous crime.

“This is a cowardly act by al-Shabaab elements,” police spokesman Charles Owino told reporters at the Machakos country bus station, the site of the attack.

“But we will not relent in the war. We will get them and we will continue with the war.”

“The death toll is now six, and we have 63 people undergoing treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital, 11 of them were seriously injured,” he added.

Kenyan police also condemned the Islamic insurgents and reiterated that the war against terrorism would not be derailed.

However, the extremists who are on record for having exported terror to Kampala in July 2010, say they had previously cautioned the Kenyan government and warned of ‘cataclysmic consequences’ should Kenya continue to pursue the belligerent path of invasion.

“The rampant insecurity that now prevails in the streets of Kenya, and the wave of public anxiety therein, conspicuously foreshadows the perilous turn of events ahead, if not portend the complete demise of the very notion of peace and stability that the Kenyan public had for many years enjoyed,” reads the statement.
“Having failed to comprehend the implications and reach the desired objectives of their invasion, the response to the attacks lays bare the evil intentions of the Kenyan government, which, in an act of pure vengeance, has now resorted to persecuting the Muslims of Kenya into submission.”

The Al Shabaab also note innocent Muslims in Kenya, both native and foreign, are being falsely imprisoned and tortured, held for ransom in deplorable conditions and their businesses targeted and plundered; all of this under the flimsy pretence of preventing possible future attacks.

The terror group has of late been issuing threats against Kenya. It’s yet clear why they are not taking responsibility for the bloody shootings that have paralysed the East African nation.

“In the light of these appalling occurrences, the Mujahideen are determined not remain idle whilst their Muslim brothers and sister are being persecuted, and vow to take all necessary measures to counter and prevent the gratuitous violence perpetrated by the Kenyan government against the Muslims of Kenya,” the insurgents threatened.

Muslims in Kenya are advised to immediately mobilise their resources and resist all forms of state-sponsored oppression directed against them. They must not be deluded by the illusory hopes of the government and take all necessary precautions to protect their honour, their property and their lives from the enemies of Islam.”

Last week, AMISOM Commander Maj. Gen. Fred Mugisha said Al Shabaab would be defeated from all corners of the war-torn country, having pushed the Islamic combatants from Mogadishu.


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