M7 Warns Bugisu Leaders Against Populism


The President was yesterday meeting the leadership of Bugisu Sub-Region at the on-going Zonal Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Enterprise Selection conducted on regional basis for the whole country at State House, viagra Entebbe.

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Participants at the conference included Cabinet Ministers, page MPs from the Bugisu Sub-Region as well as technocrats from the Ministry of Agriculture, approved Animal Industry and Fisheries.

Museveni advised them to constantly convey messages to the community to realize positive impact on attitude change.

“That is where the problem is; attitude change. You need to get a few people to be guided and succeed from the area and others will follow. But there must be a constant flow of messages to the people to achieve success,” Museveni urged the Bugisu leadership.

Museveni advised them to use any little funds they receive to get success stories. The President, who praised the people of Bugisu for being hard working, noted that wanainchi in the area only needed guidance that leaders of the area must provide.

He, however, cautioned them against populism saying the practice is very dangerous and can undermine the visionary strategy of transforming society from traditional way of living to modernity.

“Leadership should not be populism. Yes, you must listen to your people, but you should not join in their traditional ways. You must struggle to change their mind-set. Group characteristics should be identified and guided,” he stressed.

On water for production, Museveni informed participants of the zonal conference of the government’s plan to promote irrigation starting with mountainous and hilly areas like Mt. Elgon, Rwenzori region, Kigezi hills and Agoro hills in Acholi sub-region, among others.

“Mt. Elgon will be our priority because God has done all the technology. You just channel water to low lying areas such as Bulambuli and Teso. He added that all areas below Mt. Elgon will benefit from the gravity irrigation scheme.

Commenting on the concern raised by the LC5 Chairman Mbale district Bernard Mujasi, on the budget for Agriculture, Museveni explained that government is prioritizing sectors like infrastructure that equally supports the agricultural sector.

“I don’t think it is correct to put all resources to agriculture without proper infrastructure. If we could work on the Bukwo road, there would be a lot of agriculture in the Sebei Sub-Region. Farmers in Bukwo now sell their wheat to Kenya because there is no road there. Education, water in rural areas and health are all part of agriculture”, he explained.

Earlier, the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, emphasized the need for Result Oriented Management among all leaders and public servants. He said the decentralization policy was pursued in order to deliver services to the people promptly, simplify co-ordination and implement government programmes.


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