Uganda Gov't: Kony Video Is Misleading


rx geneva; font-size: small;”>Students have turned up in big numbers to vote their favourite candidates just two days after they revolted against the mandatory internship fees.

Security is tight at the volatile campus.

Students who talked to say Katta could humiliate his archrivals John Paul Rubagumya of FDC and NRM’s Joshua Nahurira.

Of late the FDC leadership has been reeling in the murky waters of election fraud.

This news website recently exclusively reported the University FDC chapter had rigged their own Guild race primaries thus kicking out the genuine party flag-bearer Ibra Bagaya.

The outspoken Bagaya had floored James Tayebwa Bamwenda, Achilles Bwete, Genesis Akampulira, and John Paul Rubagumya in the tightly-contested primaries.

His victory was overturned by FDC officials thus illegally declaring Rubagumya as the legitimate winner.

This development split the once united FDC structures, with hundreds joining Katta’S camp. They have since openly campaigned for Katta and working against FDC.

Besides, Katta recently got a boost from DP’s Mukasa Mbidde and Bernard Luyiga who visited the campus to drum up support for the DP stalwart.

“Katta will win. Even his rallies have been attracting hundreds of students. DP will take Makerere,” says Evelyne Wanyetse, a third year student at the campus.

In an exclusive interview, Bagaya says he never campaigned for Rubagumya, citing the controversial manner in which he was rigged out of the race.

“FDC is too tribalistic. I will never ever associate myself with that clique of leaders at Makerere. I am concentrating on other things,” says Bagaya.

Other candidates in the race include David Lewusi and Ivan Atema who stood as Independents while Uganda Federal Alliance fronted Elizabeth Namirembe, a second year student in Development Studies.

drugs geneva; font-size: small;”>Media Centre boss Fred Opolot says much as government welcomes all campaigns which seek to raise awareness and highlight the plight of people affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the documentary is hugely misleading.

The video, released by NGO Invisible Children, seeks to make Kony popular thus encouraging the international community to support initiatives put in place to apprehend LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony and his bandits.

But pundits have questioned the motive of the video since Kony is no longer a threat to the region.

“We are grateful for renewed efforts which seek to contribute to the arrest of Joseph Kony and the elimination of the LRA from the Central African Region. The Government of Uganda however, would strongly urge that any awareness campaign fully takes into consideration the current realities of the situation,” notes Opolot.

“The Lord’s Resistance Army has been a concern of this government since the late 80’s and has exacted a great toll on the Ugandan people and independent estimates approximate that 30,000 children were abducted and used as child soldiers over the course of the 25 year conflict,” adds Opolot.

“Misinterpretations of media content may lead some people to believe that the LRA is currently active in Uganda,” he further states.

“It must be clarified that at present the LRA is not active in any part of Uganda. Successfully expelled by the Ugandan Peoples Defence Forces in mid-2006, the LRA has retreated to dense terrain within bordering countries in the Central African area.”

Opolot says LRA is a diminished and weakened group with numbers not exceeding 300.

“The threat posed by the LRA in our neighboring countries is considerably reduced and we are hopeful that it will be altogether eliminated with the help of US logistical support,” confirms Opolot.

“The people of Uganda, especially those in the north of the country are on a path of rebuilding, reconciliation and reintegration and are now vibrant and prospering communities, according to Opolot.

The publicist further says to aid this prosperity the Government implemented a 10 Year Peace, Recovery and Development Plan for Northern Uganda (PRDP).

“The Ugandan Government is encouraged by this outpouring of international support for its continuing campaign to eliminate the threat posed by the LRA to all countries and communities. We are hopeful that our neighboring countries can also become free of LRA activity and enjoy the peace and prosperity that northern Uganda has experienced in the last 6 years,” Opolot concludes.

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