Prof. Mutebile Vs MPs: Is Parliament Short Of Work?

nurse sale geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>What was so obvious was the fact that Prof. Mutebile was never convinced Parliament had the audacity to summon him to answer any thing. He went ahead to use what parliament termed as ‘unhonorable/unacceptable’ terms to describe some situations, cost or were they activities of the committee! In Mutebile’s engagements with the ‘Honorable’, sildenafil he asserted he couldn’t find any other word other than “stupid” to best drive his point home! What a honorable house!!.

He must have copied and pasted this from another very important person (V.I.P) in parliament who said the parliament was becoming useless thus discussing issues of Amama Mbabazi on the floor of Parliament. When tasked to withdraw the statement, she couldn’t find any other term that would mean the same but without insulting the ‘honorable’!

But now, that’s not the issue today, let’s get to the gist of the matter with Prof. Emanuel Mutebile saga.

Soon after that stunt, the same professor comes out with a bang “Nobody can move me out of this chair except God. The other person who can chess me is the president of the republic of Uganda, only on three accounts; namely, Insanity, failure to perform and dishonesty”

All these are said when parliament is much awake and discussing the “Mutebile fate” without first clearing the ‘truth’ in Mutebile’s claims.

Question one: Is there a deliberate attempt to waste tax payer’s money by parliament seating to make decisions that are later going to be challenged by constitutional court?

Question two; Does parliament have powers to pardon people perceived to have caused a financial loss to the Government? If yes, what is the criteria and up to what amount of money can be ignored?

Question three; How can one forgive somebody with powers that are being contested by the same? Shouldn’t Ugandans get a legal interpretation on that matter first? Mutebile’s legal opinion says you can’t punish him, but parliament is saying we have forgiven you! Really?!

Is it not right to advise that Parliament leaves other government agencies Courts, DPP and IGG’s to conduct their business also?

For God and My Country.

The Author is a Human writes activist and Executive member

Pan African Movement (PAM) Uganda chapter.

He can also be reached on 0782/0702/0757/0713- 342317


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