AMISOM Soldier Killed While Detonating Bomb In Somalia

physician salve geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The improvised explosive device that was intended to kill civilians was removed by AMISOM forces from the village of T-da, ask North West of Mogadishu.

this site geneva;”>As the bomb was being removed to be safely diffused, it was detonated by the Al Qaeda-backed extremists Al Shabab, killing the brave soldier.

Another was injured in the process.

Commenting on the attack, the AMISOM Force Commander Maj Gen Fred Mugisha said that such acts will not deter AMISOM’s plans to liberate the entire country

“We will continue to fight these extremists who are interested in reaping violence on the innocent civilians. We have the people of Somalia on our side on whose information we have been to diffuse up to 70% of planted explosives. I encourage all peace loving Somalis to be on the alert and report suspicious activity or objects identified in their areas”.

He further notes: “AMISOM offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of the Burundi soldier who was killed today. His contribution to a peaceful Somalia will never be forgotten”.

After they were forced to flee from their stronghold in Mogadishu in Aug 2011, the insurgents have resorted to attacking civilians using Improvised Explosive Devices.

In October 2011, the extremists killed 40 students at the Ministry of Education headquarters who were registering for a Turkish scholarship program.

Mugisha said AMISOM would continue working with the people to eliminate the enemies of peace from Somalia.


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