Sex-For-Marks Email Scandal Rocks Makerere

ailment ambulance geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The investigative has exclusively unearthed earth-shattering emails in which a senior don is calling for an investigation into a series of sex scandals at the School of Postgraduate Studies headed by Prof. Eli Katunguka.

These scandals had earlier been buried to avoid leakage to the press.

We can authoritatively reveal that in 2009, a top don Dr. Edward Kamya, PhD, wrote to then University Council Chairman Mathew Rukikaire to probe Prof. Katunguka for recruiting unscrupulous people who would demand sex for dissertation examination from graduate students.

In the scathing email, Dr Kamya wrote: “I remember another case (2007) in the Graduate School still under the same Prof. Eli Katunguka, where another Graduate School official wrote love letters to married women, promising quick dissertation examination if they responded in kind (imagine Dissertation Examination for Sex).”

Katunguka is vying for the University chancellorship in a hot race with lead contender Prof. Vanansius Baryamureeba.

The new revelations could further dent the Post Graduate School’s image and also confirm the existence of sexual harassment at the campus.

These emails are now circulating among Makerere staff members.

Kamya added: “In fact, a wife to one of my cousin brothers painfully presented one of the love letters to my office. In another ugly scenario: A wife to Prof. Hyden Goran, a consultant with Sida/SARE, in 2006, bitterly complained to one of the Makerere University’s Sida/SAREC supported Faculty Deans,” reads Kamya’s email.

“The young woman (questionably appointed by Professor Katunguka) working in the Graduate School wrote a horrible love email to Professor Goran detailing how she was planning to travel to Nairobi, Kenya to meet and spend a night(s) with the Sida Consultant (Goran).”

According to Kamya, “the consultant was outraged with the ugly email coming from an employee working with Makerere University Graduate School. He requested the wife to take up the matter with the University management, more especially among the Makerere University Sida/SAREC coordinators.”

“This serious matter was reported to Prof. Katunguka, but to our shocking surprise, this lady is still working with him in the Graduate School. Many have guessed that may be the lady was a cover up gift to the Consultant for turning a blind eye to the misuse of Sida/SAREC funds under Prof. Katunguka’s control,” Kamya further alleges.

Makerere publicist Judith Namisango and Katunguka were not readily available for comment. could not verify Kamya’s claims but University sources the probe into sex scandals at the Post Graduate school were not investigated by Rukikaire.

This is not the first time a sex scandal is rocking Makerere. In 2008, police arrested a lecturer having sex with a female administrator in the car just opposite the main building in the dead of the night.


Dr Kamya further unveiled more scandals, accusing Katunguka of making unnecessary 76 international trips since he became Director SGS, diverting SGS funds into external supervision trips (Kenya) and paying for air tickets for his wife using campus resources.

He further noted there was need to probe Katunguka’s source of revenue given that he has constructed three “powerful hostels” targeting non-resident campus students near MUBS and Kampala International University – Bushenyi.

Kamya also appealed to the University Council to verify claims that Katunguka “has a special desk at the Graduate School in-charge of plagiarizing Master’s and Doctoral Dissertations which he uses to source for donor funding for his personal projects.”

“He used my (Kamya) proposal which I submitted to SGS for the Carnegie Research Competitive Grants and is now implementing it as his personal project with his hate assimilated cronies,” noted Kamya.

He also stated there was broad day theft of donor money through “masked, meaningless and uncountable research/ innovations and scholarly workshops,” adding, “Prof. Katunguka fears auditors, lest they unearth his massive fraud activities at the Postgraduate School.”

In the whistle-blowing email, Kamya highlighted “the fees payment forgeries reported in last year’s Monitor mercilessly swimming at the Graduate School by Mr. Robert Saya, an employee of the Graduate School , leaves a lot of unanswered questions about Prof. Eli Katunguka.”

“How did Mr. Saya Robert enter the Graduate School? Who recruited him? Was his placement into Makerere University Graduate School Examination office sanctioned by the University Appointments Board?” wonders Kamya.


Kamya further urged Rukikaire to sanction an independent University wide audit not a “selective audit and you will be overwhelmingly surprised at the massive abuse of funds and office at the Makerere University School of Graduate School by Professor Katunguka.”

“I will say this again; to bring this to a peaceful conclusion and to avoid double standards, please let us get a hard-to-compromise audit on the use of SGS funds and office directed by Professor Katunguka. The screaming plain evidence will overwhelmingly be on my side to utterly shock you,” Kamya adds.

“I know that Professor Katunguka and his one sided research grants beneficiaries will say anything, do anything, and twist any truth (blackmailing Professor Baryamureeba) to cause hate and division and destruction to Makerere University, so to position Professor Katunguka for the Vice Chancellor job.”

Kamya urges: “Mr. Chairman, many of us who have carefully watched him operate since he became director of the Postgraduate School, have experienced in him, strange combination of hate, sadness, frustration, bitterness, ruthless ambition and selfishness that have no interest in civility, truth, honesty, sanity and institutional building.

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