War On M7 Is Inevitable –Renegade Ugandan Army Officers


medicine geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”> can exclusively report that last Saturday March 3, treat hundreds of Ugandan professionals including doctors, information pills former army officers, politicians, teachers, businessmen, professor, lecturers, auditors, statisticians, accountants and teachers gathered at Protea Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa.

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They united under the umbrella “Ekimeeza Kya South Africa” where they brainstormed on how to remove Museveni from power.

Notable among members were army renegades Lt. Col. Col. Ssali Kigundu Lukolokomba, Col. Sam Mande and an unidentified professor from Boston.

“We’ll continue to support and fund protests and demos but to us that looks like a barren method. We have already devised more effective means of separating Uganda from Museveni,” threatened Lt. Col. SaliKigundu.

Colonel Mande joined the debate from Sweden, warning: “Elections under Museveni are fraudulent; they cannot lead us anywhere. We have to find alternatives and have to be united. We should stop talking and ask ourselves what we have done for our country. Time is now to join the struggle.”

The publicity Secretary of the organisation that brings together hundreds of Ugandans living in South Africa and other countries Baker Mayambala has confirmed members openly appealed for war and this is not the first time.

“All options are on the table to oust Dictator Museveni. We are not war mongers and members have a right to their opinion,” Mayambala confirmed to our news desk in an exclusive interview.

Unlike in the past meetings, this one was teleconferenced; enabling members across the world to contribute live to the debate.


According to Mayambala all nine provinces of South Africa were represented.

There was drama when one of the members asked: “Don’t we have spies here who will report us to the government?” before a furious Ugandan opposition leaning former soldier Abdul Bogere rose to his feet.

“It is inevitable to have spies but once we identify one, we shall behead him/her without hesitation. I know everything about shooting and I do not fear Museveni. I am ready to join any war against him. My name is Bogere Abdul, if they want to arrest me, I do not fear, let them go ahead,” emphasized an enraged Bogere.

Members confessed how ready they are to join any war against Museveni.

The meeting was officially opened by the Chairperson Malcom Matsko who said:

“We have had enough of Museveni and his NRM. He created fear among people since 1986 but presently without any bit of fear, I tell him that we are prepared for anything. Whether blood, tears, sweat or death, we are prepared to surrender it for the future of Uganda. “

He was followed by the Provisional Secretary and the president of African Youth Union Chris Tim Mugerwa.

“We have been lied enough, used by people who seek their personal goals, we can no longer waste our time with people who call themselves what they are not. It is our onus to teach our fellow people how best to choose which people they should identify themselves with. Let us all use our talents to contribute to the struggle of freedom,” vowed Mugerwa.

The Forum’s moderator James Aguma expressed the need to educate fellow Ugandans so that everyone can see the “cancer” affecting Uganda not its symptoms.

He concluded by calling everyone to actively find effective remedy to Uganda’s cancer.

According to Mayambala, the forum is determined to solving problems of Ugandans back home and those living in South Africa.


Issues of human trafficking and denial of asylum to eligible Ugandans were again raised. Members were assured that all sort of help is available; all those affected were called upon to appear or contact the management.

Next meeting is scheduled on 17/03/2012 in Johannesburg but will be preceded by the executive meeting that shall be held in an undisclosed place and anonymous dates, according to Mayambala.

The rate at which Ugandans are mobilizing to replace Museveni are hugely overwhelming. Meetings have since been underway in London, Sweden and Canada where opposition in Diaspora are mobilizing huge sums of cash to buy weapons with view of supporting an armed rebellion in Uganda.


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