EXCLUSIVE: New Uganda Rebel Group Formed


page geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Flanked by top military intelligence chiefs and Special Forces senior intelligence directors, Gen. Kayihura was by last Friday still camped in Kinshasha.

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Kayihura, who was a senior UPDF commanding officer during the Congo civil war, travelled with a presidential request to the government of Congo seeking to carry out surgical airstrikes on areas where the Ugandan rebels are operating.

A top army officer has told Chimp Intelligence desk that highly trained guerillas from three countries in Asia and the Middle East were in February ferried in to North Kivu to kick start drills with the view of launching a serious invasion on Uganda.

Then on February 13, an army helicopter dropped huge supplies for the rebels in an area identified as Komanda in Iturui, Irengeti, North Kivu.

The force is estimated at 1,500, according to a senior army officer who has been part of the investigations.

On Thursday March 1, Kayihura and his team held a meeting with Congo’s top security officers in Kinshasha in which the police boss tendered in the Presidential request to carry out attacks. The meeting which started at 11:00am ended at 1am (Ugandan time).

Kayihura said Uganda had actual, verifiable and actionable intelligence on which they could attack “just in a matter of hours from now.”

Kayihura further said action must be taken now to end this “issue now and for all.”

The IGP emphasised that the area where the new rebels were operating was isolated and therefore air strikes would not cause civilian deaths.

He further noted the presence of Ugandan rebels was a serious threat to Kampala’s government which had ended dictatorships of Milton Obote and Idi Amin.


As all this happened, Uganda government was expecting a green light from Congo authorities, considering the amiable relations between Museveni and Joseph Kabila.

A carefully handpicked team of battle-hardened Special Forces Commandoes in Northern Uganda immediately started drills; rehearsing for the mother of all onslaughts.

Paratroopers prepared for the attack by perfecting their skills at Nakasongola. It was planned that at least six warplanes invade Komanda with the view of bombing the bases before the paratroopers quickly step in to seize the scampering rebels and evidence to pin their supporters in Uganda and Diaspora.

The army officer said Uganda security has cause to believe that the rebels were trained and funded by members of opposition in the Diaspora.

He also revealed the new rebel group is well equipped and sophisticated; considering it’s getting supplies by air. This is one of reasons why an elite force of experienced fighters in Special Forces was brought on board.

The group is being locally facilitated by a Congo warlord and politician Mbusa Nyamwisi.

He leads the Forces for Renewal political party and was Minister of Decentralization and Urban and Regional Planning until September 2011 when he resigned to run for President.

He was previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2007 to 2008 and international security experts have claimed that Nyamwisi still has private troops reporting directly to him.

However, Kayihura was shocked when Congo generals refused to allow Uganda to enter Congo for an attack on Komando.

“Kayihura has so far spent six days trying to convince the generals in vain. The Congolese army chiefs said they would investigate and if necessary take action. They insisted that they gave chance to Uganda to hunt for LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony. Kayihura is frustrated,” the source noted. got this information last Thursday night but to avoid jeopardizing national security, we chose to withhold the story.

The development is so significant considering the timing. Opposition leaders in Uganda have stepped up war rhetoric telling citizens that a “Tsunami” is around the corner and they should prepare to die to liberate the country.

Col. Kizza Besigye said 2012 is a year of bloodshed and liberation.

This is not the first time rebels are planning to oust Museveni. The ADF, LRA among others have flatly fallen short of removing Museveni, who describes himself as “Ssabalwanyi” (King of warriors), from power.

It’s yet clear whether Museveni will ignore the Congo authorities thus ordering the operation. If talks don’t work, it’s highly doubted that Uganda security chiefs will look on idly as rebels in Congo prepare to attack Uganda.

(A special analysis on this subject is being prepared.)


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