M7: Ugandan Leaders Lack Vision


viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>”The main problem is that of leadership. In the Bible it is written that where there is no vision a nation perishes. The main problem in Uganda has been lack of vision, health ” the President noted.

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The President made the remarks yesterday at the start of a series of conferences on poverty alleviation and enterprise selection at State House Entebbe.

The project that was mooted on the 19th July 2011 of zoning agricultural activities in Uganda with the aim of enabling farmers earn the targeted Shs.20 million annually, is the brain child of Museveni. The conference was yesterday attended by the leadership of West Nile region.

The President noted that in Uganda in particular and Africa in general, people were still in poverty by default attributing it to lack of vision.

For a very long time, Museveni has accused the past governments of Idi Amin and Milton Obote for Uganda’s unending political and economic troubles.

Poverty remains one of Uganda’s leading causes of underdevelopment.

Reacting to comments by participants, the President noted that there was a lot of irrationalization of agriculture in the country hence the need to reverse the trend.

“What we are talking about is changing the structure of agriculture in Uganda to phase out subsistence farming,” he stressed.

President Museveni also pointed out that from the presentations of the proposed enterprises that have been identified by the districts in the West Nile region, colonial crops of tobacco and cotton did not feature anywhere manifesting that wanainchi had finally realized the need to concentrate on profitable enterprises.

“I am happy with this conference because I have seen some casualties; cotton and tobacco. Yes, cotton is an important crop. We need cotton for the making of cloth, cooking oil, soap and gun-powder, but it should be left to only extensive farmers,” he counseled.

Commenting on the concern of feeds, President Museveni directed the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Industry and Fisheries as well as other line ministries to plan for the production of feeds and distribute hatcheries at the zones near the farmers.

On electricity, he assured the people of West Nile that their region will, in a few months’ time, receive power.

Museveni, however, urged the farmers in West Nile in particular and Uganda in general to plant tree hedges around their farms to avoid losing tree cover among other things.

On live stock disease control the President encouraged farmers to promote the spraying of animals using decatix that will in turn eliminate tse-tse flies.

The Vice-President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi later thanked participants for attending the conference that offered the government the opportunity to provide them with ideas to modern living through commercial agriculture. He pledged to seriously take into account all suggestions made at the conference.


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