Stars Zari, Heard Flex At Valu Valu Concert


stuff http://ckls.org/wp-admin/includes/network.php geneva; font-size: small;”>The earth-shattering incident occurred at around 1am during Jose Chameleone’s Valu Valu concert at Kyadondo rugby grounds in Kampala.

mind geneva;”>Hell broke loose when Heard pledged to buy Chameleone’s auctioned mobile phone at 2, help 000 pounds (Shs8m).

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A few minutes later, Zari was given a microphone to make her offer during the auctioning. The boss lady, who is considered the wealthiest Ugandan musician, responded by asking whether Heard’s cash was right on the table.

“Someone (Heard) has offered 2,000 pounds. Is it cash or we have to look for it tomorrow?” Zari inquired a sharp statement that riled pencil-thin model Heard.

“That’s silly. I’ve the money. That’s too silly. You silly bitch, silly! I am here to support Jose Chameleone. He is my friend. Silly,” fired back Heard, who was visibly enraged and high on booze.

Tempers were clearly flaring.

At this time, police was called in to restrain the two socialites from engaging in a bitter fight. Earlier, Heard was restrained from attacking Zari by her pals.

As the celebrities brawled, fans cheered them on.

Zari launched another missile: “This is a simple question which Heard must answer. Does she have the money or we will have to look for it? Everyone has got money here. I came from South Africa to support my friend Chameleone – just that.”

The source of the conflict is unknown but Chimp entertainment corps say the two are high on ego. It’s said Heard is jealous of Zari’s astounding wealth in South Africa where she owns a school and a string of several businesses.

Here in Uganda, Zari owns several luxurious houses in leafy suburbs of Kampala and posh cars.

Chimpreports corps estimate Zari’s wealth at over Shs50bn. Yet, Heard owns a boutique in Kampala. She is married to a wealthy white businessman.

Zari later responded: “Girl (heard) tonight was not about me or you but Chameleone. It was not about who has money or not as you, me and everybody else who was at the concert has money. That’s why we all turned up.”

She further told off Heard: “I asked you if you had £2000 to buy the phone. You calling me a silly bitch and all was typical of you. Everything I have I own, you? Anyhow, gone are the days when I dissed all. I’ve got priorities and you are none of them. Good luck with your life. I flew in to support Chameleone and to buy my sons a commercial property in the city. Find Jesus, you need him.”


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