4 Makerere Students Arrested Over University Closure Demo

A Makerere student thrown on to a police van on Monday morning

Police in Kampala on Monday morning was involved in running battles with a group of Makerere University students who were demonstrating over the university closure in the city centre.

The students who were carrying mattresses, pills suit cases and clad in red gowns carried placards that demanded that the Ivory Tower be opened soon.

“Closure of the university is a violation of our right to education. It is only making us as students suffer, ” yelled the students as they marched to the Constitutional  Square.

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Students demonstrating in the city centre

Students demonstrating in the city centre

However, police swung into action arresting 4 of the students before detaining them at the Central Police Station.

President Museveni early last week ordered for immediate closure of Makerere University following a standoff between lecturers and management over payments forcing the former to lay down tools until the impasse is solved.

Students say closure of Makerere is equivalent to murdering Academics of Africa

Students say closure of Makerere is equivalent to murdering Academics of Africa

Addressing journalists at the new Kawumu State Lodge in Luweero, Museveni said he would not tolerate the ‘undisciplined’ lecturers whom he said wanted to hold government at ransom over a simple issue.

“It is not a good attitude to paralyze the country. We will not tolerate any from of indiscipline at work. This is Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo,” the angry Museveni warned on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a group of 7 Makerere University students on Thursday gave an ultimatum to government in which it ought to open the Ivory Tower or else they would mull action.

The group led by Simon Wanyera, a member on the Makerere Guild Representative Council said the decision to close the university was not fair to them since they had fulfilled their obligation of paying tuition and reporting for studies, stressing, lecturers were to blame for the impasse.


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