EXCLUSIVE: CDF Aronda Orders Gen. Muntu Arrest


find sans-serif; font-size: small;”>Former army commander Muntu reportedly made the startling remarks during a huge political rally organized by opposition pressure group Activists for Change (A4C) on January 26 in Kawempe, sildenafil a Kampala suburb. At least 20,000 opposition supporters attended. has learnt a furious Aronda last Friday ordered CMI boss Col. Charles Bakahumura to arrest Muntu “if necessary.”

Bakahumura immediately commissioned a team of military investigators to liaise with the Police CID which records all speeches by opposition leaders at A4C rallies.

Police on Friday evening offered CMI the video and audio recordings of Muntu’s spech at the explosive rally.

The report is expected at Aronda’s office on Tuesday morning. The army commander’s involvement in the saga shows how the army was unsettled by Gen. Muntu’s attack.

Impeccable sources in Aronda’s office say the army top chiefs were infuriated upon reading media reports that Muntu had sternly warned UPDF generals of “grave consequences” if they perpetuated a reign of terror against unarmed opposition supporters.

“Muntu is not above the law. He is going to Luzira if found to have made the disparaging remarks at the Kawempe rally. His conduct was despicable,” an army officer who is part of the investigation confirmed.


Muntu told a mammoth rally that top army officers must stop behaving in a despicable manner which could land them in deep trouble.

“I am issuing the last warning against high ranking army and police officers who reason like flies stuck on a dead body. These ignorant flies end up in the grave and are buried alongside the body. Army officers should not follow the dead body to the grave,” he said.

“These generals must be observant. They must take caution because the regime of President Yoweri Museveni is collapsing. There is a lot of infighting. The army generals must behave decently. They are like flies,” Muntu roared as thousands of supporters cheered him on.

“These generals including Kayihura do not see that they are holed up in a sinking ship. What kind of generals are these? The regime is in a free-fall,” he added.


As Muntu spoke with rage, opposition supporters loudly asked for guns to take on security forces in a civil war. “Give us the guns. You were the army commander. You know where the guns are kept,” the youthful supporters harassed Muntu.

The former military intelligence boss, who was deputized by now Rwanda president Paul Kagame, further threatened UPDF generals would have to pay for mistreating opposition fanatics.

“Army generals must stop their arrogance, pride and taking laws in their hands. All this terror you are seeing today is not new. We have passed through harsher times. We have gone through hell. Do not be intimidated by guns. Say no intimidation as you fight for your rights,” Muntu inspired thousands of enthusiastic youth.

As UPDF generals celebrated the 26th NRM Anniversary in Kapchorwa, Muntu said bloodshed during the struggle was completely wasted.

“We fought for respect of Ugandans’ human rights. We fought to liberate our people from poverty. But look at NRM; It’s full of thieves. The security forces are mercilessly terrorizing people,” Muntu said as supporters listened attentively to the captivating NRA war tale.

He concluded by appealing to Ugandans not to abandon the struggle to oust Museveni saying “the new baby is born.”


Matters were worsened by Col. Kizza Besigye who later told youth at the rally that Muntu survived death by a whisker during the NRA war. “That Muntu you see there has a bullet lodged in his chest. We are not afraid of guns. Do not feel scared. When one of you is shot, someone else should move forward. Do not abandon the struggle. We have already seen the door to success. We must move on,” Besigye said.

The army fears such remarks could spark a mutiny in the army. It’s also feared Besigye is trying to mobilize the public for a possible Benghazi-like rebellion where opposition supporters picked guns against Col. Muammar Gadaffi’s government.

However, Besigye has publicly said much as guns would be the easiest way to remove Museveni from power, “war could bring on board another dictator to rule Uganda with a gun.”

Army spokesperson Col. Feix Kulayigye recently said UPDF has the capacity to defeat both internal insurrections and external aggressions.


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