Besigye’s Militant Strategy Questioned

find geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>“It is not about Walk-to-Work and any attempt to oust President Museveni as early as possible. His successor could turn out worse if we are not careful, ” Obua says in a statement.

He says Museveni’s successor could embark on a campaign of “brutally suppressing opposition and any dissenting voices even within parties.”

The statement comes on the backdrop of increased civil disobedience campaigns spearheaded by Besigye and opposition leaders under the umbrella – Activists for Change.

The revelation also underlines the growing rift among opposition politicians which has for long played into the hands of NRM government.

Speaking out on the NRM January 26 Anniversary celebrations, Obua notes “transformation will come only when we have disciplined people with disciplined thoughts taking disciplined action.”

He says corruption, tribalism, naked theft, anarchy, vandalism and reckless murder is symptomatic of a backward community that is not willing to move forward.

“In 25 years Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore transformed his country from a poor third world country with bad topography, weather, torn ethnically, very low level of education, and did not have any natural resource into from a Third World into a First World now envied by all,” he says.

Obua emphasizes Lee Kuan picked Uganda’s development plan of the early 60’s and used it.

“What made this country that got her independence at the around the same time with us and was poorer than Ghana and Uganda then pull through and took the world by storm and is now respected among the comity of nations? Can Uganda do it? If so, how? It took them 25 years with hardly any natural and skilled human resources; whereas we are simply gifted by nature and we have highly “educated,” he stresses.

“What is Africa’s problem? To bring it closer home, what is Uganda’s problem?

Fortunately, Lee Kuan Yew has given us a template and a script to follow and read from. He wrote “From Third World to First; The Singapore Story”. A must read 691-page book that exposes in great detail what he and his team did.”

Obua, who is well known for having led a coup against his party President Olara Otunnu, wondered how many Ugandans were willing to the pay the price to liberate their country.

“As far as I am concerned, it’s not about NRM, UPC, FDC, DP, CP, JEEMA, PDP, PPP or any other party, much as they could be vehicles.”


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