Mother Of Buganda’s New Prince Named


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cure geneva; font-size: small;”>Rose Nansinkobi, mind 24, a daughter of Ssalongo George Edward Sserebe and Nnalongo Christine Nalubwanjwa of Nswata Village, Bamunakika county Luweero district is the mother of the prince. was the first media house in Uganda to report that Ssemakokiro’s mother hailed from Bulemeezi.

New Vision reports Mr. Sserebe said that he heard rumours that his daughter had mothered a child with the Buganda Monarch. He never imagined that he could have a royal grandchild and exalted God for His grace.

The revelation end days of speculation about the identity of the prince’s mother.

The Kingdom seemed determined to conceal her identity for reasons well known to them. The news of new prince had sparked mixed reactions from tthe public, with some people condemning the sexual behaviour of the Kabaka.

However, most Baganda welcomed the heir-apparent. They said under the Ganda culture, Kabaka is entitled to marry as many women as he so wishes.

Meanwhile, Sseremba explained that Naniskombi was brought up at the home of her grandparent, the late Kezia Masembe of Monde in Bamunanika county.

She went to Guluma Primary school and Tweyanze Church of Uganda Primary School. Her parents could not raise school fees for further education.

Nnalongo Nalubanjwa described her daughter as well nurtured and hard working. Nansikombi spent most of her holidays with her paternal aunt, Alice Nakimenya Tebalindya.

“When she first told me that she was carrying a baby by the Kabaka, I doubted. However, when her brothers confirmed this, I also believed,” Nakimenya recalled.

I had a sleepless night when I learnt that she had given birth to a royal child. I was overwhelmed with Joy,” she added.

Nakimenya said signs that her family could come close to the royal family appeared during the Kabaka’s visit to Ssempa village in Bulemeezi county in 1996.

The King visited her home and toured the farms. Nakimenya has fond memories of how she was photographed shaking the monarch’s hand.

During the visit Nansikombi was still a child and was not present.

It is said that Nansikombi has a friend among the palace entertainers troupe and occasionally visited the Bamunakika palace.

Nansikombi is said to be staying at an undisclosed place. She regularly contacts her parents on telephone.

Under Buganda culture, the prince with a claim to the throne is not raised in the palace grounds.


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