EXCUSIVE: Opposition Bosses Recount Jail Life, Police Battles


visit web geneva; font-size: small;”>Col. Kizza Besigye and a host of MPs were arrested and later detained at Jinja Road and Kiira Road police stations respectively.

capsule geneva;”>They were released in the night without charge.

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medical geneva;”>Deputy police publicist Judith Nabakooba said the activists were detained as a preventive measure to avoid destruction of property and loss of lives in walk-to-work protests.

Other opposition activists such as Moses Kasibante, Ingrid Turinawe and Anne Mugisha took on police in a cat-and-mouse chase games and running battles.

They recount the most thrilling episodes.

Col. Kizza Besigye (FDC President)

“I am not shaken. This is another attempt to infringe on my individual rights by the powers. It is unconstitutional.”

MP Mathius Mpuuga (A4C Coordinator)

Dear Activists, it’s been your day! Thanks to you all who bothered to be a part of Action today!! The devil shall not prevail, it has no moral authority, we must continue on the march to freedom.

It has a cost but worth paying!! For those waiting for liberators at your door steps, woo to U!! You will pass on before liberation.

Simply rise all for the sake of posterity. I need to inform you that at this time of the night, most activists were released.

We continue to ascertain those still missing so that Andrew Kaweesi (Kampala Police boss) and his band of goons are made to account.

I personally encountered a one Norman Musinga (DPC Kampala CPS), one of those abusers of the police uniform and he warned me to watch my back, saying him and others are after me. I have put on record anything happens to me all of you go ask Musinga to account! I have a video recording of his ignorant utterances for the world to see when the rainy day downs!

Hon. Wafula Oguttu (MP/FDC Publicist)

I have just regained my freedom from Museveni’s detention -without -trial cell for no crime nor offence committed.

After about eight hours of detention in a filthy Jinja Road Police cell, we were told that after all we were free to go home because it was no longer necessary to continue keeping us under preventive arrest!

Incidentally, preventive arrest was only for MPs in our group. The others were accused of assault, a charge fabricated while we were in the cells. And non-MPs were to stay the night in the cells.

We the mps refused to leave them behind if they were not given police bonds. We offered to stay too. After some few hours of phone calls, they were given bonds and we all matched out at around 10.00 pm to our temporary freedom.

I missed the planned Q&A session with the visiting president Mbeki at Makerere University to which Prof. mamdani had invited me to be one of the chosen few to fire the questions. Sorry MM.I was a victim of my new occupational hazard .

I hope I live long enough to see our tormentors today, Museveni, Kayihura, his brother in law Andrew Kaweesi etc also in those cells.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Thanks for your prayers, we are finally out of jail. We were coming out of a meeting at Katonga Road when several police patrol vehicles blocked us from accessing Sseziwa Road.

We were subsequently showered with tear gas, arrested and dumped in the cell without being charged. I have just been released on a police bond indicating that I committed a traffic offence!!!!!! I feel so much humiliated, but shall not waver.

MP Nabillah Naggayi (MP/FDC)

Police is camped outside my house. This is completely absurd. Will they stop the growing economic, political, structural mal-administration with physical manual presence.

Anne Mugisha (FDC)

I was in the Mayor’s car and standing next to him when the tear gas canister was lobbed at us. It fell by my foot and I was blinded and suffocated. I could not see could not breathe! In the fracas I was left behind with Basalirwa.


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