Besigye Arrest: How It Happened


mind sans-serif; font-size: small; background-color: white;”>8:24 sans-serif; font-size: small; background-color: white;”> Now Wafula Oguttu and Nabilah Naggayi released from Jinja Road Police station. They have vowed not to leave until all those who were arrested with them are released.

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adiposity sans-serif; font-size: small;”>It’s yet clear whether Besigye and his men currently detained Kiira Road police station will be released.

A police truck has been brought. Besigye’s supporters have gathered outside the police premises. They want their leader immediately released.

7:10: Inspector General of Police Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura releases statement in connection with the arrests.

This afternoon Uganda Police Force officers made a number of arrests during an operation to maintain public order, and protect the rights of citizens in Kampala.

At approximately 1500hrs, four males were detained by police at Kiira Road under Section 24 of the Police Act 1994.

In a related event, six males and two females were arrested at the same hour, on Jinja Road, also under Section 24 of the Police Act 1994.

All twelve remain in custody and police investigations are continuing. No further comment will be issued until all investigations are concluded.

“The Ugandan Police Force reiterates our readiness to work in cooperation with anyone who wants to exercise their constitutional rights,” said Kale Kayihura, Inspector General of Police. “We are ready to meet any such persons or groups to facilitate their exercising their constitutional rights in an orderly, peaceful fashion”

5: 22: This is the latest information released by FDC top shot Anne Mugisha regarding walk-to-work demonstrations and arrests carried out by police.

She claims to have miraculously survived the arrest when police raided the Katonga office where A4C leaders were holding an emergency meeting.

“I am the one that got away. I was in the Mayor’s car and standing next to him when the tear gas canister was lobbed at us. It fell by my foot and I was blinded and suffocated. I could not see could not breathe! In the fracas I was left behind with Basalirwa,” Mugisha recounts.

She says Ingrid Turinawe has now been arrested and is at Katwe Police Station.

Mugisha notes Col. Besigye is held with Francis Mwijukye and Sam Mugumya at Kiira Road police station.

MPs Nabilah Naggayi Sempala, Wafula Oguttu, Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju and Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago are being grilled by detectives at Jinja Road Police.

5:04: Moses Kasibante and Ingrid Turinawe arrested at Katwe Grounds where they had gone to address a rally. They have been whisked to an unknown location.

4:10: Deputy Police publicist Judith Nabakooba informs press the FDC stalwarts will be released as long as they do not pose any security threat.

She explains police arrested the opposition chiefs as a preventive measure to avoid destruction of property and loss of lives in the planned Walk-to-Work protests.

4:00: Former army commander Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu and MP Elijah okupa arrive at Kiira road where Besigye is being interrogates. Media blocked by security.

3:00: Besigye and Sam Mugumya are taken to Kiira Road Police Station where they are grilled. They are expected to be arraigned before Nakawa High Court.

2:30: Kampala Police boss Andrew Kaweesi arrests Col. Kizzza Besigye, Ingrid Turinawe, Wafula Oguttu, Sam Mugumya and Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda.

They have been discussing way forward after police used heavy force to crush the walk-to-work protests. Anne Mugisha mysteriously escapes arrest.

12:00: Military and anti-riot police seal off Besigye and his aides at the IPC headquarters along Katonga Road in Nakasero. Security tightened to alarming levels.

11:30: Ingrid Turinawe beats tight security at her residence in Gayaza with a boda boda to attend an emergency meeting at Katonga offices.

11: 20: Top FDC Activist Jeff Wadulo says all roads lead to Katwe: “THIS IS THE TIME TO BELL THE CAT LEST IT HAS US FOR SUPPER ONE BY ONE EVERY DAY!” W2W

11:15: Chaos in Kampala as military takes On Walk-to-Work protestors in deadly showdown at Katwe Grounds. Police use teargas and live bullets to disperse a stone-pelting crowd.

10:00: Hundreds of supporters move to Katwe Grounds for the opposition rally. Opposition plan to shed blood at Katwe grounds as their ‘Tahrir Square.’ Supporters pour in from all corners.

8:10: DP boss Nobert Mao’s house in Ntinda is tightly guarded. He rolls to Kampala town under heavy security.

8:00: Military police cordon off Mugisha Muntu’s home in Kololo. He drives to Parliament in Kampala under tight security.

7:30: Military police have today January 19 moved swiftly thus placing two FDC officials under what is commonly known as ‘preventive house arrest.’

Kampala Women MP Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala and FDC Women League boss Ingrid Turinawe were planning to mobilize opposition supporters for a huge rally at Katwe grounds in Kampala.

Police publicist Asuman Mugenyi is not picking our calls.

However, FDC top official Anne Mugisha says the homes of Nabilah and Turinawe are now surrounded by security forces and police patrol.

This appears as a new trick being used by IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura to pre-empt walk-to-work protests.

On Monday, Turinawe woke up in the morning only to find his house in Gayaza sealed off by police trucks. She was planning to walk-to-work.

She was subsequently arrested and charged with traffic offences.

Police insist walk-to-work demonstrations are aimed at causing regime change while opposition leaders claim it’s one way of expressing their dissatisfaction with the way government is handling the economy.

In a Tuesday media briefing at Fairway Hotel in Kampala, Col. Kizza Besigye, John Ken Lukyamuzi, Mike Mabikke, Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere and Asuman Basalirwa vowed to support who ever seeks to oust Museveni.

“We call upon all Ugandans; students, youth, traders, importers, exporters, farmers, teachers, medical workers, drivers, artisans, factory workers, civil servants in general, those employed in the informal sector, employers, tenants – all – to dedicate this year of Uganda’s 50th anniversary to organise themselves and demand for their rights,” Basalirwa read the statement on behalf of other leaders.

“We shall support those who insist on accountability from the NRM government which has made it its business to steal public funds, lie, hoodwink, threaten, bribe, and to brutalise peaceful demonstrators.”

He further noted: “We shall stand by anyone who seeks redress and unjust treatment by this corrupt government. We will announce the schedule and nature of our own activities in due course.”


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