Stop Wrangles, M7 Warns NRM MPs


recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>The statement comes on the backdrop of intense NRM internal backbiting.

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visit this geneva;”>Several MPs in the ruling party have of late connived with opposition legislators to censure Cabinet ministers.

for sale geneva;”>The internal squabbles worsened late last year when Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga tabled before Parliament documents alleging Premier Amama Mbabazi, Ministers Sam Kutesa and Hilary Onek had taken bribes from oil companies Tullow and Eni.

NRM MPs joined opposition in a bid to remove the ministers from office.

“I urge all members to unite and act in cohesion,” Museveni told MPs last night during the NRM retreat at National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi.

He was contributing to a debate on fighting corruption.

“Stop political wrangling and all actors should control their egos so that we move together and take the country forward,” he added.

“Wanainchi already have enough problems and are looking at us for solutions and they should not go on suffering as the political class go on with their wrangles,” he added.

Museveni said the fight against corruption is legitimate and reiterated that the NRM Government will fight and defeat corruption. He noted that anyone involved in the war against corruption is waging a noble war.

The President said that he ranks the war against corruption, as number two on the NRM agenda only next to the fight against extrajudicial killings.

“The fight against corruption has always been high on our NRM agenda; that is why we right away put in place, institutions such as the Office of the Inspector General of Government, the Leadership Code and many others, because they were not in place,” Museveni said.

The President, however, said that Movement supporters need to fight corruption without undermining NRM, which has put in place institutions and a favourable environment for fighting graft.

He appealed to the NRM members to make good use of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus to fight graft using a united front.

On the NRM ideology, the President said that although the NRM is a multi-ideological organization in nature, the dominant line in the organization was nationalism, Pan-Africanism, the quest for social transformation and promotion of democracy.


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