M7 Hails Mbabazi At His Birthday

patient geneva; font-size: small;”>Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi says fire brigade rushed to Namaganda Plaza after private security personnel saw fire flames consuming a string of shops.

buy geneva; font-size: small;”>Fire gutted the building at 5:40, according to eyewitnesses.

“Namaganda Plaza is on fire. The smoke is coming out of the building,” an eyewitness swiftly alerted news desk.

It’s too early to estimate the loss but a goon who intended to rob from a white man was strangled.

The unidentified white man used his bare hands to kill the goon. Police have transported the body to Mulago Referral hospital.

Police are using fire extinguishers to put down the raging fire. Hundreds of shopkeepers were involved in a stampede as news of the fire spread.

The fire incident comes on the backdrop of the Kampala traders’ four-day sit-down strike.

viagra approved geneva;”>Addressing members of the National Resistance Movement Parliamentary Caucus, who are attending the ongoing 11 day retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi, the President appreciated the efforts of the two historical members in the founding stages of the Movement political party and for having continued to support it.

Museveni said the two members played a huge role in recruiting party members.

The President said Kategaya, as an internal coordinator of the Movement right from the 1960s, had done a lot in mobilizing for the organization up to 1974 when he was forced into exile and was replaced by Mbabazi, who continued with the work of mobilization.

Museveni was speaking during the social hour which coincided with Mbabazi’s 63rd birthday.

The Premier confirmed to he danced to the popular “kadodi” as MPs cheered on.

This is not the first time Museveni is heaping praises on Mbabazi.

Shortly after promoting Mbabazi from Security Minister to Premier, Museveni told NRM MPs at Entebbe State House the Kinkizi MP is trustworthy, hardworking and loyal.

Insiders say Museveni telephones Mbabazi at least thrice in an hour for his counsel on contentious issues. Mbabazi does not drink alcohol.

He is Museveni’s number one confidant, a special friendship that angers bush war historicals who actively participated in military operations before NRA captured power in 1986.

Museveni told MPs it was because of the hard work of the two members and the others still living and the deceased historical members of the Party that enabled it to grow strong, recruit and widen the membership and be able to retain power.

He appealed to the young group of supporters to build on the already cemented foundation to enable the party achieve even more success in the future.

The President asked the members to share among themselves, especially on how to deal with party issues, how to build and deal with the electorate and how to relate with the other organs of the State.

In his remarks Mbabazi commended the spirit exhibited by the Caucus during the retreat saying that participation of the members showed that NRM was still strong and revolutionary. He said NRM is determined to transform Uganda from a peasant society to a prosperous country.


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