Umeme Riots Rock Kampala, Wakiso


generic geneva; font-size: small;”>Business came to a standstill and Kampala-Gayaza traffic to a halt as police battled riotous stone-pelting protestors.

They claimed Umeme had spent weeks without supplying them power.

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“We are contemplating closing our businesses because we no longer get power. The situation is out of control, we cannot allow this,” an angry trader in the township said.

Two vehicles’ windscreens were smashed and dozens sligtly injured during the fight.

Umeme has for long insisted it only supplies electricity generated by power plants.

The strike comes on the backdrop of increased violent activities in the country especially walk-to-work.

Observers say opposition is inciting people to rebel against government.

A shopkeeper was killed in the recent Kampala sit-down strike.

A police man was yesterday stoned during a battle between opposition supporters and security forces during the arrest of FDC iron-lady Ingrid Turinawe.

Experts say Umeme is between a rock and hard place after it emerged some senior managers were taking home a monthly salary of over Shs300m each as the country is plunged into darkness.

In Wankulukuku, a Kampala suburb, anti-Umeme protestors used stones, wood, tires and tree branches to block a road in protest over the incessant load shedding.

Anti-riot police personnel were brought on board to crush the riot. Protestors battled police for over 45 minutes. Two suspects have been held.


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