INTELLIGENCE: Rwanda Rebels’ Cash Trail Exposes 3 Uganda Banks


approved geneva;”>The huge sums of money are wired from foreign countries to Uganda through electronic fund transfer organizations Western Union and Money Gram.

cheapest geneva;”>The funds are later channeled to Rwanda rebel groups in Congo and their sympathizers in Uganda.

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sildenafil geneva;”>The affected commercial banks include Stanbic, Centenary and an unspecified one located along Entebbe Road.

The development confirms why President Paul Kagame has a maintained a huge spy network in Kampala and its suburbs.

The military investigators started flooding Kampala after former army Chief Kayumba Nyamwasa fled Rwanda in 2010.

At the time intelligence indicated that Nyamwasa intended to use arms to overthrow Kagame.

Kagame told media in Kampala there were indicators that Nyamwasa was involved in subversive activities.

During the burial of slain Rwandese journalist Charles Ingabire last month, several mourners said Kigali sends spies to monitor their activities here in Kampala.

Rwanda vehemently denies the allegations. Kagame has maintained that Kampala-Kigali relations are growing steadily.

It has now emerged that ex Rwanda Defence Minister (2000-2003) Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Habyarimana released a staggering US$4,000 to a top FDLR combatant to mobilize weapons to invade Rwanda.

A UN report dated January 2 now shows the dissident general, now living in Europe, on several occasions, wired huge sums of money to one Col. Norbert Ndererimana alias Sabin Gaheza to launch Front nationaliste pour la démocratie et la réconciliation au (FRONADER).

Gaheza was to quit FDLR to mobilize men who would attack Rwanda.

He was however tricked in a gold deal and nailed in Kigali in May last year after he finalized plans to wreak havoc in Rwanda.

He was arrested alongside fellow combatants Ramathan Sibomana, Ibrahim Niyonzima, Asifat Kansime, Emmanuel Higiro, also known as Kabasha, and John Mutabaruka.

They are in detention awaiting prosecution.

The UN report shows Gaheza received other materials including a satellite phone and a generator as logistics for rebel activities.

According to the UN report, Gaheza had planned to purchase military equipment and a generator that was later transported across the border to Binza in March 2011.

MoneyGram wire transfers provided to “Colonel” Norbert “Gaheza” Ndererimana, according to Gaheza and Rwandan authorities are:

1. On 14/09/2010, RUTAZIHANA Timothee sent $100 via MoneyGram. The money was withdrawn by UWINGABIRE Marie Claire on behalf of Gaheza at STANBIC BANK in Kampala located in NDEBA, MASAKA ROAD.

2. On 11/2010, RUTAZIHANA Timothee sent $100 via MoneyGram/STANBIC BANK in ENTEBBE town; withdrawn by MBONYI Anicet on behalf of Gaheza Norbert.

3. On 27/12/2010, HAKIZIMANA Emmanuel (Paris), on behalf of Habyarimana Emmanuel, wired 100 euros, sent via Western Union. It was withdrawn from CENTENARY BANK, situated in MUKWANO Building, opposite OWINO market in Kampala, and received by UWINGABIRE Marie Claire.

4. On 07/01/2011, RUTAZIHANA Timothee sent $100 through Western Union/Kampala, Entebbe Road, at UMEME roundabout. It was received by MBONYI Anicet.

5. On 03/03/2011, HAKIZIMANA Emmanuel sent 4,280,000 Ugandan shillings via MoneyGram/Kampala, situated at Kikubo, near the old taxi park, on Mutesa Kafero road. The money was received by SIBOMANA Ramadhani.

6. 0n 09/05/2011, RUTAZIHANA Timothee (Canada) sent $50 via Western Union. It was withdrawn from STANBIC BANK, Kampala Road, near Buganda House, and was received by MBONYI Anicet.

7. On 09/05/2011 HAKIZIMANA Emmanuel (France) sent 300 euros via Western Union/STANBIC BANK, Kampala Road. It was received by MBONYI Anicet.


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