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War On Al-shabaab To Extend Beyond Mogadishu


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Kiyonga was on January 13 speaking at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) briefing on Somalia in New York.

The minister also expressed the view that the fight against piracy in the Indian ocean be linked to the effort to stabilize Somalia as in his view the pirates are generated on main land Somalia.

Kiyonga told the council that Uganda and Burundi had made enormous sacrifices to liberate Mogadishu, sustain the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, and create the environment that has enabled international actors to fly in and out of Mogadishu in safety.

According to the minister had it not been for insufficient resources and equipment even greater progress could have been realized.

Kiyonga supported the request by the African Union to the UNSC for the Kenyan and Djiboutian troops to be included in the AMISOM and the expansion of the war front beyond Mogadishu.

During his visit to the USA the Minister of Defense also met a number of dignitaries including the assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Ambassador Carson, the Assistant secretary for Defense, USA, the Permanent Representatives at the UN for USA ,UK, Japan, Turkey and Burundi.

Kiyonga’s trip comes shortly after UPDF-led AMISOM liberated Mogadishu from the Al Shabaab. The Uganda military operations have since broken the back of the insurgents.

AMISOM is now wooing the international community for military support to consolidate security gains made in the last couple of months.


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